The Black Swordsman

Key Events:

A girl with a healing dragon called Silica walks away from her group alone. She’s later caught between a group of monsters. Her dragon dies protecting her but Kirito saves her.

She’s a beast tamer. Kirito tells her of a place on floor 47 that has an item which can revive pets. Item is only useable within three days of death. Because she looks like his sister, Kirito decides to help. He gives her some gears and will go with her.

Whilst going through tactics that night, Kirito senses someone and believes they were overheard.

On the way to the item, we hear some back-story to Kirito’s sister, who’s actually his cousin.

They get the revival flower, but meet up with a member of the party that Silica deserted at the beginning of the episode. Kirito identifies her to be leader of the orange guild. A bunch of ksers.

It seems that Kirito has been looking for her. Her group apparently attacked another guild called Silver Flags. Only the leader survived, who begged in town for someone to take revenge, but only to put them in jail. That’s what Kirito’s here for.

A bunch of ‘orange’ players appear from hiding and surround them. However they recognise Kirito as one of the players who is soloing the frontlines. But dismissing that no one from the front lines would be down here they attack anyway. They lay a multitude of slashes through Kirito but his HP doesn’t even drop. He’s level 78, 14500 HP and regenerates 600 HP every 10 seconds. And all the others can do is 400 in 10 seconds. They give up and Kirito sends them all to prison.

Pina, the dragon, is revived back in town and after being away from the frontlines for 5 days, Kirito heads back.


From the episode title I was really hoping that the real story had started, but alas, still side stories. No matter, I enjoyed it a lot, I’m sure many MMO gamers will have enjoyed this episode, as I’m sure many of you will have been in a similar situation. As in being high level and just fighting some lower levels for a bit of fun and see them do no damage. Always good as well when a clan/guild/alliance/whatever member is being ks’d or pk’d and you’re higher level you go to get revenge. Like what Kirito did. I wonder what the max level is. 78 is apparently really high, so, perhaps 100? Lovely over levelling there, definitely not realism. Strength is indeed in the numbers. Just the kinda thing I wanted to keep it in a game.

Are pets dying on this game really that sad? I’m surprised that the pet revival item is so difficult to get and with such a short time frame. Of all the MMOs I’ve played the pet just stays dead in your inventory and sure sometimes revival items are expensive but certainly not breaking the bank. I dunno, they seem to place quite a lot of value on pets in this game and for the moment I don’t see why. But hey, it’s just a game mechanic, who am I to question how the game’s unique systems work.

I quite like how they brought pkers into this. I didn’t think they would with death being actual death. There’re indeed all sorts in a game, many like to be annoying but in rl they’re actually not, or vice versa perhaps. But yeah, I don’t get how those kser’s argument stands, that you don’t know if they’ll actually die in real life. Sure there’s no proof, but I for one wouldn’t want to put what a person, who’s trapped us inside a VRMMORPG for a few years, has said to the test.

So, I hear the main story is around 70ish floors? Which means we’re getting closer, one more side story perhaps and we’re there? Either way I’m really enjoying it. Writing this blog and playing my MMOs at the same time is certainly a rather interesting experience. Still waiting for Asuna to show up, after all these floors I really wanna find out where she’s been.