The Blade Drenched in Blood

Key Events:

Okita storms off and no one’s able to find him. They leave him be for now. Kondou heads off alone for the night and Ibuki joins him.

Kondou tells him about Okita’s hard past of having lost his parents and lived harshly when he was young having to join Kondou’s Dojo as a live-in student at the age of 9 and was bullied there. But he became strong because of that and fought back.

A person called Tonouchi under the Roshigumi isn’t happy that Serizawa’s letting Hijikata do what he pleases and will ‘take care of them’ when the time comes.

Okita learns about this from Serizawa later and confronts Tonouchi that night. He pretends to ask for Tonouchi’s advice, gets him drunk then cuts him down.

When Hijikata hears about this he storms into Serizawa’s room but he and Kondou simply receives a lecture about them being too soft with traitors. Even so, Kondou didn’t wish for Souji to become like this.


Well, it seems that this series, from what I can see, will be developing ‘everything’. Meaning all/most of the original characters, Ibuki and the Roshigumi. Although that said, Ibuki really hasn’t done much, I’m starting to think that he is just there to drive the plot at random points. But it’s quite likely they’ve left him until last to develop, which is a bit odd if you’re starting with that character, should develop him gradually with the story, like every other story.

So, what could be happening is that more characters get back stories, which I wouldn’t mind as it is a prequel and I was expecting it to dig deeper into everyone’s histories. And I want to understand more, I would like to find out more about Hijikata and Hajime, who’s my favourite character by the way if I haven’t said before.

So yeah, story wise I don’t see much development, but definitely character development. A very Okita focused episode, which I saw coming. Wonder if they’ll send him home now, I doubt that, knowing he’d kill to stay, would be dangerous to let him off alone. Kondou and Hijikata will probably have Okita under surveillance for a while whilst everything else gets on.

I really wonder what Serizawa is after, the one time he gets a chance to rid of Hijikata and Kondou and he doesn’t take it. I thought he wanted to overthrow them? Was the time not right? Was it because Ibuki was there and heard everything? He doesn’t seem like a very cautious person to me, more of the ‘in your face’ let’s get things done type. Well, he’s planning something, that’s clear, he doesn’t fear Hijikata or Kondou and he’s openly stated that before. He obviously thinks he’s got them under control. I’m expecting some development for the Roshigumi soon but beyond that I’m not sure what to expect. Well as I said, what I’m hoping for is Hajime or Hijikata back stories, but that’s obviously just for me.