Yeah, this crept up on me.

But hey, now I get to give you all an opening that I really should have given you weeks (*cough*months*cough*) ago. One Piece’s 15th. I love One Piece. Seriously. It’s brilliant. I recommend it. Ah~ …One Piece.

Where was I? Oh right. Yeah, this is by Hiroshi Kitadani, the same guy who did the 1st One Piece opening back in 1999. He’s also done the 4th ending to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, another of my professed favourites. He’s also with JAM Project, who have done a theme to pretty much every anime ever. Including all Cardfight!! Vanguard opening themes. So, I suppose he’s a trustworthy person to do an anime theme.

Onto the theme, it’s pretty damn good. It doesn’t really catch the emotion of Fight Together, or the badassness (is that a word?) of the war in One Day, but it’s a good song to start off the post-time skip arc. But hey, this is nostalgia. He did the first, and he’s doing the fifteenth, the one straight after the time skip. It’s like it’s a new anime series! …sort of.

So here are the videos. Enjoy. I’ll hopefully be blogging something non-SOTW-ish soon. And by that I mean within the year.


TV Version


CD Version