Episode 5: Lazy Japanese Summer

Intro: Yui does the intro wearing an Akari face mask, but can’t do it as she thinks it is embarrassing.


Kyouko finds that her AC is not working due to no batteries in the remote and goes off to buy some. However ends up visiting the others and their ACs. Eventually buys the batteries, but they turn out to be the wrong size.


The next day, everyone goes to the pool except Akari who misses the train. Whilst waiting, Akari has to deal with mosquitoes, hunger and the heat. She gets several messages from Kyouko at the pool. A message about Chitose getting a nosebleed makes Akari panic. Distracted she misses the next train.

Barking Mad!!!

Yui has a fever. That evening she visited by Kyouko who cooks some Udon for them. Later Kyouko plays a RPG, but is at a low level. This doesn’t stop her from challenging the boss, but gets killed, forcing Yui to take over the game.


Sakurako visits Himawari, but she is not there except Kaede. Kaede offers to share her boobs with Sakurako when she gets older. Sakurako and Himawari follow Akari. Sakurako plays a trick on Akari whilst she sleeps on a bench, planting biscuits in her hair.


Later back home, Kaede offers Sakurako some milk hoping that it would make her boobs bigger. Akari runs around the park, wondering why the pigeons are chasing her.


Finally, the wait is over. Wondering who would make the comeback first Kaede or Mari? Kaede wins. IMO Kaede is the cute one over Mari, despite what anyone says. Mari to me comes over a bit too sinister for my liking and she does have a wary suspicion of Chinatsu as well, partly because of Kyouko’s meddling.

Akari did not have the best of scenes in this episode. Missing the train; molested by pigeons; mosquitoes and the most harrowing of all, her chocolate melting. I found it strange that on hot days, it is best to keep chocolate in the fridge as it would last longer, yet shops sell them on the counter at room temperature, forcing you to cram your face with it before you are out the door.

So ok, they still have a bit more time to bring in Mari as there is still a couple of more episodes to go, but it does hint that they are going to bring in the sisters of the girls into the show; the anticipation is on Akari’s obsessive sister.