A Legendary Fighter

Key Events

Whilst out shopping for stuff, Aichi, Misaki and Kamui follows a person named Leon Souryuu to PSY just as Kourin, Recca and Suiko return. They find Daigo, a top fighter already there.

Apparently he had disappeared and he explains that he was teleported around the world randomly whilst in a normal vanguard match and after a while he was teleported here.

He uses Royal Paladin which Misaki and Kamui don’t remember, Leon gets a fight. Leon uses Aqua force, another clan that disappeared. Like Royal Paladins they’re also a legendary clan.

The fight ends in a win for Leon but showed off some new Royal Paladins. Daigo vanishes again to what Suiko thinks is a time space warp created when the Royal Paladins vanished meaning he’ll be trapped until the Paladins are free. Leon asks for Aichi’s name saying he thinks they’ll meet again.

Episode ends with Daigo appearing on some deserted island where Kyou’s been training as some sort of weird anaconda tamer, and he challenges Daigo to a duel.


Yeah, I was thinking they’re gonna have another PSY visit as they’re in a shopping mall building and PSY loves showing up in those places. Although I didn’t want just a single battle, was hoping Ultra Rare could explain something. They are aware of the disappearance and ‘capture’ of Royal Paladins and Kagero. I wonder what they’re hiding, from the looks of things they seem to be only observers and not allowed to interfere, although they still do.

Either way though, I was very glad to see Royal Paladins and some of their newer cards. Means that the clan isn’t going out of print, which hopefully means that Kagero will return too. As a Kagero user I of course am looking forward to seeing some new Kagero cards.

Although that new clan, Aqua Force are rather interesting, with abilities focused on attack order this’ll bring in another level of strategy. They’ve only revealed abilities based on your own order of attack, but I’m predicting they’ll release cards later to have abilities that activate based on your opponent’s order of attack, which, like limit break, will make you opponent think twice about how you attack.

As always, I don’t have much else to comment on because of a lack of events. However that said, I’m still enjoying these episodes as they do bring something new in, like a new clan and new cards in this episode. So, whilst I desperately want the story to move forwards, I’m learning to enjoy the other aspects of the anime.