Stairway to the Blue Skies

Key Events:

When Serizawa go to ‘borrow’ funds, he is criticised by Hijikata, but at least he’s doing something. Hijikata, although hates Serizawa, can’t help but think how naïve they’ve all been.

Ibuki meets up with Kosuzu again who helps him out buying some ink. But he accidently insults her again and is slapped. Harada comes by and forces him to apologise. There he understands the hardships of Kosuzu and wholeheartedly apologises for being insolent.

The Roshigumi have been granted an audience with Aizu. They’re going to hold some matches for him to showcase skills.

After a good day of sparring in front of who they hope will be their patron, everyone goes out and gets drunk that night.

The next day they are fitted with new blue uniforms to help spread the word about the Roshigumi.


Well, at least they’re continuously moving up the ranks, seems they will be following Aizu now. I’m not sure if there was anything official, but it’s looking promising. It’s steps forward.

That said, no steps forward for Ibuki, again. Had another potential opportunity for him to train, with Kondou this time, but refused again. Well, I’ve pretty much given up on him, don’t know what he’s there for and frankly losing interest. We did see Kosuzu again as we probably all predicted, but nothing new, just repeated what happened when they met last time, apart from that he was slapped this time and properly apologised for his insolence.

I was kinda hoping for more Okita related things, but looks like he’s ‘fine’ now. Shame too… he looks like the type of person to do something… fun…

Whilst I enjoyed the short sparring scenes and the art as always, this episode was rather boring overall. I remember the original Hakuouki series being slow too. Guess this is typical. Well, maybe I’m just a bit irritated at the lack of story developments in all three of the animes I’m blogging… at least with the other two I can still find enjoyment by relating them to my interests, but alas, nothing here apart from pretty boys. That alone has never enticed me enough to stay for an entire series. *Sigh* Guess all I can do is hope for some development soon… again…