Episode 6: [Breaking News] Yuru Yuri Sold Out

Intro: Miraclerun takes over the intro and turns Akari invisible.

OP: “Yonde Miraclerun!” by Ayana Taketatsu


That’s going to hurt

Raika and Kurumi are playing dodgeball when all the balls vanish. Kurumi suspects Team Giga, whilst Raika sneaks off. Kurumi transforms into Miraclerun and confronts Ganboo and Rivalrun (Raika). Ganboo uses balls to attack Miraclerun, but it she dodges it using a decoy.

Nice substitute

Miraclerun sends all the balls back, with the world promising to give balls a rest. Ganboo jokes that they need something else, whilst balls are resting. In the end, he is used in a bowling tournament between Rivalrun and Miraclerun. [Miraclerun End]

Spot the weirdo

Kyouko and Yui invite Akari and Chinatsu to the Comuket Anime con, opting not to disturb Ayano, who herself has prepare for Kyouko’s invite. Surprisingly, Chitose attends by herself after last year’s visit, looking out for some new fantasies.

A watched phone never rings

Later, the girls cosplay the Miraclerun anime. Akari takes the part of Ganboo. Chinatsu frightens off a child when she gets Miraclerun’s line and stance wrong. Yui tells that next time she would get it right. The gang takes in the rest of the Anime con. Ayano gets the phone call from Kyouko but is asking for her help in carrying her books after coming back from the Comuket.


The girls select conversation topics from a box. Kyouko is made to cook pancakes after stating that she is hungry. They also discuss their blood types as well. Akari and Chinatsu leave for home, whilst Kyouko stays and asks Yui for help with her homework, but is ultimately rejected.


Interesting start to the anime with a short episode of Miraclerun. It was quite a good episode with Ganboo having the last laugh, as a bowling ball. It was such a shame that Ayano wasn’t invited nor did Chitose invite her to come with her. It could have been funny again with her there, but the joke was mainly for her not to be invited even though she fully prepare for Kyouko’s surprise phone call.

Also the blood type discussion was partially right. Chinatsu being AB, could receive blood from the others as she is a universal recipient, although it is not explained if the girls are either + or -, as it is also important, which means she could receive blood from Kyouko, if she wanted, but no. It all depends on the Rhesus factor (+ and -). Anyway, why do anime characters need to have a bloodtype? It is not if someone in hospital is going to have an anime character as their blood donor.

Also we have a new Opening theme for this episode. “Yonde Miraclerun!” sung by Ayana Taketatsu, who voices Miraclerun. This quite surprised me as I thought Miraclerun was voiced by Rumi Ookubo (Chinatsu).

Someday, I would like to go to an Anime Con, but some are held in places that take time to get to, preferably it is wise to stay in the city it is being held so travel time is reduced. So far, a few acquaintances and also Lucretia I know have been to these events, except me. Also a few people I know have been to Japan, yet they are not huge fans of anime or the J-Pop scene. Just one day, I will go to an Anime con and also I would go on holiday to Japan!!! (Hong Kong is close, but not close enough…)