Episode 7: Sisterly Relations and Such  

Intro: Akari does the intro as pictures of her are taken by a mysterious person (her sister).


Pizza for dinner

Sakurako is lounging on the sofa and is asked to leave by her sisters hinting that it is her turn to cook. Eventually Nadeshiko begs her to leave. Meanwhile, Kaede wants to go out with Himawari to buy bras as she has gotten bigger, adding that Sakurako asked her to check every day.

Anger Management

Chitose leaves to go to Ayano’s leaving Chizuru at home. Chizuru fantasies over Chitose and Ayano and drools. Trying to clean theroom, she can’t stop think about them; drooling over the place. Using pictures of Kyouko, she gets angry enough to clean the room. Meanwhile, Mari is over with Yui playing a computer game.

Himawari is shocked that she has gained weight. She skips lunch with Kaede and goes to Sakurako for help. She tries excercise and turning up the heat, but to no avail. She begs Sakurako to help, but Sakurako makes a demand which gets her thrown out.


Himawari goes on an extreme diet, forcing herself not to eat. After 3 days, Kaede tells Sakurako that her sister may get sick from the dieting. Sakurako force feeds her a rice ball and shouts at Himawari that Kaede is concern about her. Himawari realises that in fact her breasts had got bigger.

Chinatsu is with her sister Tomoko talking about Akari’s sister and how wonderful she is. Meanwhile, Akari leaves her house to go to the library, leaving Akane her older sister all alone. Akane decides to have some alone time and fetches some books.

I am not going to ask…

Akane enjoys her time alone by reading some sister-love manga, dressing up her Akari-dakimakura in Akari’s uniform and wearing Akari’s panties on her head. However, Akari comes back; having forgotten something. Akane hides the illcit material as Akari walks in and is annoyed that she is eating cake. However, Akane tells her that there is some for her, which makes Akari happy.


This is the episode that everyone has been waiting for. This episode was completely full of the sisters of most of the main characters, missing out on Kyouko; who appears as a psychological distraction for Chizuru. Mari; who is I think Yui’s cousin (calling her onnee-chan is just out of respect) is also in, but a very short cameo appearance.

From the top, Sakurako’s sisters seem to be the more sensible ones. Doing their homework, whilst Sakurako is being lazy. They even beg for her to leave as they know that she is also a big distraction. Kaede is back for another episode, which I find her much cuter than Mari is. Yet, Mari is in this episode but only for one scene. Kaede has a much longer screen time, mainly because she is concerned about her sister’s health, when Himawari gets a shock about her gaining weight.

Kyouko didn’t show up in this episode. However, she did serve a purpose for Chizuru. Like her sister, she drools when she fantasies about her sister and Ayano. At least she manage to clean the room, but I think it would be best to take down the pictures of Kyouko first before pasting out on the bed.

However, the most obvious exciting part was the debut of Akari’s sister Akane. From the first episode of the first season, it was evident that Akane had a huge obsession of Akari, only Kyouko knows of the traumatic viewing of Akane’s room. I also get the feeling that Chinatsu’s sister Tomoko knows about Akane’s habits and also would like to have that experience of sisterly love. Although Akane’s plan of sitting in the lounge, whilst engaging in her fantasy wasn’t a good idea. It is the unforeseeable situations that could get her caught. Hopefully, that close call would make her take her fun back to her room as it would reduce the chances of being caught.