Invitation to Everlasting Summer

Key Events

Q4 is invited by the Tatsunagi Corporation to a resort island where they meet up with new AL4 and have a fun time.


Yep… filler episode. I was wondering when a ‘proper’ one of these would show up. And yes I am indeed blogging it, you’re not seeing things. But I’d class this as a half blog as I’m mainly here as a heads up that I may not be able to blog properly until next week. Got a 10km race coming up on Sunday so I’m staying over in another city overnight on Saturday. Which means the only days I can blog is today and tomorrow. I may be able to get one up tomorrow, but that seems unlikely for the moment. Which is why I’m doing this ‘half blog’, to say hi I’m back from lots of stuff and I may be going away again. Since no one else friom this blog is going to write anything I feel the need to keep it at least updated somewhat.

But anyway, not much to say for this episode, it was a filler. I remember that it usually means that the production team is either out of ideas for the story or is in some sort of trouble. Neither of them would surprise me in the slightest, probably out of ideas for story is more likely. Although it was funny. Liked it enough not to skip through it completely so that’s something, guess I enjoyed a bit of light hearted filler. There was one point I want to make though. Kai says he’s going his own path to find out the truth, but I assumed because he won that last Circuit he met up with Tatsunagi, so wasn’t he able to ask any questions? Or is one victory not enough for the truth?

Well, there’s my half blog, I don’t think I need to say more anyway, I’m sure you all know how I’ve given up on vanguard. Still got things to do this week so I’ll more than likely see you next Monday.