Each One’s Summer Vacation

Key Events

Aichi’s unsure of how to improve his deck.

Ren talks to Aichi about Psyqualia how it doesn’t guarantee a win as Kai beats him a lot.

During some harsh training, Kamui thinks he’s figured out a way to beat Tetsu.

Ren borrows Morikawa’s deck and gives Misaki a Pale Moon deck to duel with. Explaining to her that it allows you to improve your own clan usage as you will see things differently.

Kamui brings out the Raizer archetype to fight on a closer level with Tetsu, Aichi figures out something in his room and Misaki brings out a Witch deck with focus on Coco.


A ‘half-filler’ I’d say, not really developed anything, but they are moving onwards with their skills at least. By the looks of it everyone is now stronger having had revelations during their training or duels with others.

Kamui and Misaki both changed archetypes whilst Aichi became friendlier with his clan. But they could’ve easily mixed in what was developed last episode into this episode so it isn’t a filler, or much less like one. I’m not that familiar with Grapplers so I can’t say whether the Raizer archetype is good or not, but I can say that I’d choose Tsukuyomi over witches. My current Oracle deck is Coco based because many of the cards I have focus on soulblasting, but I’d really prefer Tsukuyomi’s soulcharging focus and extra opportunities to successfully ride through the grades.

Oh yeah, and Miwa uses Narukami by the looks of it, seems he’s changed his deck. Although I forgot what it was before, was it Kagero or Tachikaze..? And I agree with Ren that using a variety of decks is a good idea. Seeing things from different angles and seeing how best to combat other decks are both good aspects you gain from doing it. Need to know yourself and know your opponent. I know Misaki has extensive knowledge of cards, but knowing how the cards combo together is also useful.

Perhaps moving on next episode? I hope so, but I don’t think so, and I’ve lost interest. I’ll gain my interest back when it does move on, so for now, who cares, can’t get any worse.