The Temperature of the Heart

Key Events

Kirito wants a new sword and visits a blacksmiths. The blacksmith Lisbeth can only make a better sword if he helps get a special metal. So they set off to acquire it.

To get it they need to kill a dragon. Lisbeth is told to hide during the fight but is accidently seen by the dragon and blown into a large hole. Kirito jumps after her and finds that they have no way out so stay the night.

They find out that the hole is actually the dragon’s nest and find the metal they were looking for. After the dragon arrives back, Kirito skilfully gets him and Lisbeth out on its back.

Lisbeth makes the sword and finds a new fondness of Kirito but is unable to tell him as she finds out that Kirito and Asuna are a pair. So she runs out of the shop in sadness.

Kirito finds her, thanks her and tells her that he will clear the game to get everyone out.


So Kirito finally has his signature coat and sword, it’s a shame we didn’t see how he obtained either of them. I was hoping for some long 2ish episode adventure for his endgame gear against some big boss. But there goes my hopes.

Kirito’s sure building up a lot of relationships with female characters along the way, although his relationship with Lisbeth seems a bit too hasty. She touched his hand once and starts to like him? Really…? Don’t think that’s how things work… Although I think that was just a way to show how close Kirito and Asuna are.

Not really much development here apart from Kriito getting another sword for his secret ability. I won’t spoil anything as I was annoyed when I read some spoilers and found this out haha, couldn’t stop reading though. But if you want to find out go ahead, I won’t say anything though.

As I watch more of this game, I kinda really wanna play it. Wonder when virtual reality gaming in the real world will advance to this stage. Hopefully in a decade or two when I still have the time available to put some effort into gaming.

Well, I’m still hoping they show his adventures for his endgame gears at some point, unlikely but who knows. At least we know he’s got all his gears now and so getting closer to the main storyline. But I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind 1 or 2 more side stories with his full gear set to see how he fights before they start everything. I wanna see more of his game fighting in a relaxed setting, i.e. a side story, and in all likeliness we probably will get another side story.