Natsu VS the two dragons!

There’s a wall that can’t be destroyed with just power… However, there is a type of power than can destroy that wall. The power of feelings.

It’s the middle of the newest story arc of Fairy Tail and the latest chapter pits Natsu the fire salamander in a fight against two other dragon slayers by himself.

First of all let me start off by commenting on how amazing this arc is shaping up to be. Fights and emotions fly high as the tournament contests magic guilds against each other as they fight out to see which guild and team is the strongest. There is a more sinister backdrop to whole simple nature of this tournament which is not yet explained but each week teases us a little bit more; Just what is this strange mysterious force that Jellal is speaking of? And more importantly… how is Mavis, Fairy Tails’ first master (or should it be mistress?) is still around after the Tenrou Island arc?

Regardless of all this, the latest chapter picks up where the previous left off, in which Sabretooth nominated their two Dragon Slayer mages- Sting Eucliffe a White Dragon Slayer and his partner Rogue Cheney a Shadow Dragon Slayer against Fairy Tails very own Gajeel and Natsu, Iron Dragon Slayer and Fire Dragon Slayer in a deadly 2 on 2 fight. Sting and Rogue had used a technique called “Dragon Force” in which they get instantly powered up, with their power making them more dragon-like. We had previously seen Natsu enter “Dragon Force” before but with the help of magic lacrima and magic lent from Jellal, and his power went up tenfold defeating the main bad guys of that arc, so to see these new generation dragon slayers enter this state or power up without external help is a real shock. It showed when the Sabretooth dragon slayers start going all out on the Fairy Tail counterparts in which looked like a seemingly one sided fight but this was not the case as Natsu and Gajeel both came out of the endless tirade of deadly light and shadow magic unscathed. 295 then ended with Natsu pushing Gajeel away in a cart (hilariously taking advantage of the fact that all dragon slayers suffer from motion sickness) before challenging Sabretooth to a 1 on 2 fight.

This brings us to Chapter 296 with both Sting and Rogue in disbelief at Natsu’s actions. Sting enters “Dragon Force” again and attacks Natsu in which he easily parries and tells them that he fights for his friends that Sabretooth has made fun of before punching Sting heavily in the face. Natsu then counters Rogue’s powerful Shadow Dragon Roar with his own Fire Dragon Roar easily and follows up with a barrage of counters and punches against his opponents.

Makov in disbelief

Sting and Rogue pull off their last trick in their sleeve which is a “Unison Raid” together to make the attack “Holy Shadow Dragon’s Lightning Fang” and Natsu counters with his ultimate technique which defeated Laxus Dreyar – “Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade.” Parts of the main stadium collapses under such enormous power and then Sabretooth’s dragon slayers fall unconscious as Natsu comes out as the victor.

So another amazing chapter in which we see some exciting fight scenes with some typical bad-ass Natsu moments. We also see a mysterious figure at the start of chapter, seemingly crying and readers would be left wondering who this is and why it had got Jellal and his team in such a panicked state.