Handsome Fight! Mitsusada vs. Gouki!

Key Events

Kenji from Team Caesar visits Card Capital looking for Aichi.

Aichi and Kamui face off in the Card Shop Handsome’s shop tournament final. Kamui loses.

Kenji visits Card Shop Handsome and doesn’t want to disturb Aichi’s match. But Gouki asks him to stay and play him in a match.

Seems that Kenji was down, but because of some encouragement from Gouki he’s in high spirits again.

He breaks the news to everyone that he’s going to study at SIT and won’t enter any tournaments until he graduates.


I think we saw some new Granblue cards, from the series point of view that is as I’ve seen all these Granblue before from some recent real life vanguard matches. As you all may know, or may not, pack 6 was released quite a while ago and it gave Granblue a needed boost. But I’m unsure if these cards were shown already in the series. I think I remember doing a review on Cocytus but the other cards I don’t remember. Which means they’re giving Granblue another look at again, promoting their pack.

Oh and speaking of promoting packs, I find it interesting how they had Misaki going back to Coco from the 2nd pack to combo with cards just released in the 7th pack, i.e. the witch archetype that involves having no soul. I think they wanted another way to play Oracles and then remember they had Coco which they never showed in the series and thought let’s make an archetype out of that. They haven’t shown the other Oracles in pack 7 that don’t depend on soul which I find surprising as if Oracles have no soul then because they they’ll become useful cos they don’t depend on soul. Shisa and Swallow will obviously play well together, Souffle is pretty much a beatstick and Eclair may replace Magus. I’m very interested in seeing how Misaki will make use of them and how she’ll mix in the old ones too.

Now back to this episode, Kenji leaving was half surprising. After beating Ren, I expected a confidence boost and he’d do a few more circuits. Though then again, his team was beaten which is why it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Probably wants to regroup and get stronger and return later in the series. Shame, I’m gonna miss Great Daiyusha, he was fun.