Do not worry. I will kill with my own hands

… Everyone in the rebel army.

This week, the Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto unleashes his fiery wrath.

Soul Society is getting invaded and the Captains are being pushed back by their opponents. Unable to use their Bankaithese Shinigami seem to be in a tough situation and their only salvation seems to be in the hands of the demon 11th Captain Zaraki Kenpachi who has so far killed 3 of the invaders by himself but has since then challenged the commander of the Vandereich by himself. Well what happens to him? Chapter 505 tells us more.


…So remember that badass Kenpachi? Well he’s not looking so good, as he joins the list of the ?injured/dead? category with Byakuya Kuchiki; Apparently the main bad guy thinks Zaraki is weak as he lifts his bloody body up by his throat. So not looking great for the tough guy then. Well fear not, because the main focus of this chapter is on the great Captain-Commander Genryūsai as he avenges his subordinate Chojiro Sasakibe – who as you know is dead and has his bankai stolen. He then goes on to inspire the remaining Captains and Shinigami of Soul Society to stand their ground and fight the invaders before arriving at the unpleasant scene with the leader of the Vandereich with Kenpachi.


And thus the villains name is revealed as Juha Bach!

A very interesting chapter of Bleach this week, where the Captain-Commander has showed great strength in action and has shown Soul Society that – hey, we can still put up a fight without Ichigo! Great things to come for this very long and last (supposed) arc of Bleach. Just what is Juha Bach planning, and what has happened over a 1000 years ago that has made him want to conquer Soul Society? Only time will tell!

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