I believe this is a first as SOTWs go, for this week I’m going to introduce you, if you don’t know it, to a very well known touhou song, Bad Apple!!


I don’t actually know who the artist is. From the touhou wiki page it says it’s arranged by Masayoshi Minoshima, lyrics by Haruka and sung by nomico. There’re three names there, so I’ve decided not to put anything down.

I’m pretty sure most of you will be somewhat familiar with this song, but if your not I’ll tell you some background information to it as it’s pretty famous and any otaku should know it, like the infamous Endless Eight and School Days.

So firstly it’s a touhou song, and originally featured on a touhou arcade game. It rose to fame when it was shared on Nico Nico Douga in 2009 and reached 10mil views by 2010 October. This gave way to a lot of remixes, dances and other related stuff. That’s pretty much all I know, think it’s enough.

Enjoy it, I’ve also linked the dance to it, I can just about dance to it in time and before you ask, no I’m not going to upload me dancing to it. It’s pretty bad. Also if you’re listening to it for the first time, I think you’ll like it after a few listens. It didn’t reach 10mil views for nothing.