The Blue-Eyed Demon

Key Events

After catching a quick glimpse of The Gleam Eyes with Kirito and Asuna run away.

They meet Klein and his group from Fuurinkazan and another group from Aincrad Liberation Army. The leader from the Army demands the area’s map data. They don’t listen to Kirito’s warning of not fighting the boss alone and so the gang decide to follow them.

They do attempt to fight the boss and fail and teleport crystals don’t work.  After the Army’s leader dies Asuna attacks. Kirito and Klein follow. Kirito brings out his special skill Dual Blades to kill it with barely any hp left.

He explains that he doesn’t know why he has Dual Blades and it just appeared in his skills list.

Something urgent comes up and Kirito meets the leader of Knights of the Blood Oath, Heathcliff who requests a duel with Kirito. If Kirito wins he can take Asuna away from the guild, but if he loses he must join the guild.


So no pkers, guess I was wrong about that. Although I still consider the cave place the best place to pk, with no witnesses. But after Klein appeared there wasn’t much pkers can do. I’m sure they’d ambush one or two rather than fight a battle with equal number on both sides.

I want to say that because we know of Kirito’s side adventures, some of the things in this episode are ‘clearer’, so to speak, like Saito’s second sword. We saw how that linked in and we met Liz again who we met before. But I suspect that was put in to make the side stories seem like they flow with the main story for those who weren’t aware that they were side stories. I think it linked in well, it’s not noticeable and doesn’t seem out of place.

I laughed at the mention of lag. I had considered lag to be a standard for MMORPGs but this is a VRMMORPG and I wasn’t sure how they’d show lag. But now that I think about it, lag is the game not responding or responding slowly because of a bad connection. So to show it, just have the guy move slowly or unable to move when they try. Though I don’t think lag will ever happen in this anime. You would expect connection speeds and servers to be of the best condition in this era and if someone died because of lag, it’ll seem lazy from the author.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was energy. Something many of us will take for granted. We have energy from food, take a rest if we’re tired and we’ll have energy again. A human mind can conjure up energy ‘out of nowhere’ e.g. will power, or perhaps adrenaline, and that can keep you going for far longer than you should be able to. So my question is quite simply, how can a game mimic something so complex? No MMORPGs I’ve played has energy levels, but none of them are VRMMORPGs trying to simulate real life. The only game I’ve played with energy is The Sims which is why I stopped as my guy kept falling asleep in the middle of the street and that definitely wouldn’t happen in real life. You’d force yourself to stay awake. So are there certain amount of energy you can use? I mean, that’s what MP, SP, or whatever it’s called is for. But in a game that has no magic, what do you do?  I’m not sure I’ll get an answer, but if anyone knows the mechanics of this game, I’d love to know.

Final big thing I want to comment on is the unique skill. Obviously only put into this anime/light novel because it’s shounen orientated as it’s not MMORPG ‘standard’. But it was a nice ad interesting surprise. Though with a VRMMORPG where you have free reign on what to do, it kinda narrows the things you can do if you can’t bring out a second sword to hold. I guess some restrictions need to apply. But either way, a unique skill is unfair and of course would never happen in a real MMORPG.

Those are all the topics I want to touch for this episode, oh and a small thing I’ve been wondering is why no one knows Kirito as the black swordsman like the synopsis said. But I’m sure that’s a small detail that’ll be answered later. The episode was an entertaining one with some interesting surprises and raised more questions for me.

I’m looking forward to the duel between Kirito and Heathcliff. I can’t predict it as I already know the outcome thanks to my curiosity… but I’ll enjoy the fight either way.

Note: I won’t be blogging until Thursday, yet another job interview to a faraway place, so I’ll be staying overnight in a hotel and won’t be able to blog until I return on Wednesday night and at that time I’ll probably be too tired. So, see you all on Thursday.