“I was… waiting indeed, so that I can smash your flesh, blood, sword and soul

…into many, tiny pieces.”

This week in the latest chapter of Bleach… the thing which fans have been waiting for has happened at long last!

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto has succeeded in rallying the Soul Society troops last week with his fiery rage, and this week starts off with Shunsui Kyōraku and his opponent. Apparently it wasn’t only Yamamoto who has inspired his sides morale as Juha Bach has apparently done the same.

This increase in morale on both sides show as three of Juha Bach’s subordinates charge ahead of their boss and attack Yamamoto, taking advantage of his lone presence. Of these attackers, it included a guy (I think) with long hair and a BDSM mask on, another guy with what looks like a funky looking hat with black and white chequered teeth and some bald guy. Well, not much else is known about them except these obvious visual traits as the Captain-Commander burns all three of them without much effort. It seems that Juha Bach does not even show a glimpse of sorrow or indeed emotion other than annoyance as he comments on how they just interfered with his fight.Yamamoto tells Bach that he hasn’t changed at all these past years and Bach replies with the same, about how it reminds him of when Yamamoto was young and the way he lets his anger gets the best of him. Yamamoto, obviously not pleased with this comment, then forces Juha Bach to take out his sword. Bach, confused as to why Yamamoto was waiting for him to draw his sword, was then treated to a surprise and his face really showed it. After 506 chapters, the Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto unleashes his bankai! The oldest and most powerful flame-type zankpakutō. BANKAI – ZAKA NO TACHI – Long Sword of the Remaining Flame.


So what a chapter indeed. As in true Bleach style, not much happens but yet readers are treated to a true spectacle which makes them yearn for more. Just what does the Bankai of the most powerful sword and arguably the most powerful Shinigami in Soul Society do? And more importantly, how confident is Yamamoto going into Bankai with the knowledge that the enemy can steal it? Perhaps it is too powerful to steal! Well one thing is for sure, and that next weeks fight will be a true spectacle! Stay tuned folks.