Burn Hong Kong Stage

Key Events:

Next VF Circuit is held at Hong Kong. For the fights in this one, they’ll play tag fights with each team sending out 2 players and 9 damage between them.

Team Lao will be Q4’s first opponents. Shin remembers seeing Team Lao in a monthly Vanguard magazine as brothers, so they will have a slight advantage in tag fights.

The episode ends at 6 damages a piece.


Oh very interesting, they’ve introduced tag duels into Vanguard. Wasn’t that surprised I have to be honest, most TCGs have tag duelling or double duelling, so it’s not that surprising that Vanguard introduced them.

Weird thing I found was the brothers. I remember the first tag duel in Yu-Gi-Oh was also by two brothers. The paradox brothers if anyone remembers them, although it wasn’t a proper tag duel. But was still the first, and in the first Vanguard tag duel we got the Lao brothers.

The rules were simple enough, though I was thinking they may change the wording for some future cards to say opponent(s) rather than just opponent, to suit tag duels.

I find it strange that Q4 are always up first in any VF Circuit, I don’t see the need for this. I mean sure we want to get to the action faster, but it seems farfetched that they’re always first. I think the makers are too lazy to think up two new team names to put them in the first round. Though you could just say they’re in the second round and have them rest up, then time skip there. But that’s a minor detail.

So, another VF circuit, the first one after some major changes to everyone’s play style or morale. Hoping to see some nice developments in this Circuit then, including a first Circuit win possibly.