Ok, I may have gone a bit too far with this one. So ok, tried to clear up some query with Lucretia about the SOTWs but thou hath spoken that songs must be anime related. So here is the relation. Everyone familiar with AKB48 and the anime series based on them AKB0048? Well then, this is Chieri Sono; the bitchy one of the 77th generation, but actually is just being serious. Mayu release this song quite recently and I first hear this song through internet radio. I don’t know why I like this song. Possibilities are that I quite like Chieri’s character in the anime and also I prefer Mayu compared to the rest of the others of NO NAME (AKB0048 ‘s main seiyuus). Also recently, AKB48 had a re-arrangement of the girls and now Mayu is moved to from Team B to Team A. Finally, to beat down the negativity of AKB0048 being an idol-based anime. The anime is way far from being that. If that doesn’t convince you, then why bring out the 2nd season in 2013…?

 Also the music video is not available elsewhere besides Japan, so here is the closes thing:

If you are from Japan, then click here