The Weed Soul!

Key Events:

Kamui’s still having trouble with Tag Fights. So Aichi and Misaki play all the matches and win through to the semis. Kamui remember the rules eventually and request to play, he’s teamed up with Misaki playing again against Team Battle Weed.

Kamui finds his stride during the tag duel and wins with a critical trigger.

In the final they will face Team Dreadnought which consists of the two girls they met before the tournament and the guy who uses Aqua Force who they met when they visited PSY.

Key Cards Used:

Neo Nectar Grade 3: White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia

  • [Limit Break 4] [Counter Blast (1) & Choose five normal units with “Musketeer” in its card name from your drop zone, and put them on the bottom of your deck in any order] Search your deck for up to two cards named “White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia”, call them to separate Rear-guard Circles, and shuffle your deck. This ability can only be used once per turn.
  • [Choose one of your rear-guards with “Musketeer” in its card name, and retire it] Look at up to five cards from the top of your deck, search for up to one card with “Musketeer” in its card name from among them, call it to Rear-guard Circle, and shuffle your deck. This ability can only be used once per turn.


You probably won’t believe me, but I was wondering at the start if the Weed team was gonna pick up on Q4 using the name of a four leaf clover. I honestly didn’t think they’d throw something like this into the episode, but the unexpected expectedness of it made it rather funny, if you get what I mean. Like you think they won’t do it, but then they actually do. So yeah, I thought the Weed team lot was actually quite funny, especially with their obsession with weed, I’m sure we all know which weed they’re talking about.

I believe this is the first time we got a proper look at Neo Nectar. A clan of plant warriors with the overall focus of swarming from the deck and having more units than your opponent. They do look rather nice, artwork wise, apart from that, I don’t think I’ve seen enough to give a good review of them. All I can say really is that I would use them because you’ll have noticed that I like having units on the field. Hence why I’m against cards like Phantom Blaster Dragon and Spectral Duke Dragon.

However I think I can review the key card in this episode knowing the overall strategy of Neo Nectar. To start, it’s an amazing card, whatever card can just call out 2 grade 3s like that is amazing. Only a single counterblast with Limit Break, by then it’s very likely you may have exhausted your grade 2s, if I knew Cecilia’s ability was ‘coming’, I’d use both grade 2s to intercept, and I know I would only have grade 2s there, unless I didn’t draw any in which case I’d probably leave the two front rear guard zones blank to bolster my defence in hand. Then when ability comes, spam out 2 grade 3s in one go. However you will need to have 5 or more Musketeer units in your drop zone, but that’s not difficult especially if you run a musketeer deck. Just use them as your main guards and intercepts and you can recycle them and spam out 2 grade 3s. If the game is prolonged and you lose both the grade 3s you can just recycle them again if you have enough Musketeers in drop zone. Its second ability aids its Limit Break and can also swap out units for stronger ones, but of course that’s a little luck based as it’s only the 5 top cards of your deck.

Next is the final of the Hong Kong VF circuit, Q4’s first I believe? And I think it’ll be their win. They’re up against Dreadnought, with the guy who uses Aqua Force. I’m looking forward to seeing them again, mainly because I’ve forgotten what they do but also because this is a new clan and it’s always interesting to see how they play and how and if they will change the game in any way. I think that guy will have Psyqualia, either already or given by Takuto, but I think this time Aichi will over power it with the help of his teammate whoever it is that will accompany him. But there’s always the possibility that he won’t even play and send the two girls. I’m sure their distinctively similar looks aren’t just for show. Either way, after Q4’s recent improvement, I don’t think they’ll loss to a non main character involved team.