The Girl of the Morning Dew

Key Events:

Kirito and Asuna successfully request a leave of absence from the guild and get married on a lower floor with a nice house together.

During a nice walk together in the woods they encounter an unconscious girl dressed in white. Oddly she doesn’t have a health bar. But she isn’t an NPC or a quest ‘item’.

They bring her home and she wakes up the next day, her name is Yui. She can’t say or remember much and decides to call Kirito and Asuna, dad and mum.

They won’t be able to do much for her when they have to go back to the frontlines, so they go to floor 1 to see if they can find her guardian.

The floor is occupied by The Army. Asuna and Kirito see them bully children, so they drop in.

Yui seems to suddenly remember something, but a sudden burst of what seems like static fills the entire space and Yui loses consciousness.


Interesting episode, got the feel of a side story, as in they could’ve skipped these honeymoon/leave of absence episodes to carry on with the ‘main’ story, but they decided to do this which so far doesn’t look like it’s connected to the main story of clearing the floors. However that’s purely speculation, this could play a vital part, but at the moment it’s a bit too relaxed to be something that important.

Well because of the relaxed atmosphere of this episode and lack of story development, I only really have some minor to comment on. But I do stress that I enjoyed the episode before anyone thinks I thought it was boring. Episode was at a good pace and although no story development, there was character development and the anime does feel like it needed a rest. Sure there hasn’t been that many episodes with the main story but a lot happened in that short amount of time.

So anyway, first thing I want to talk about was ghosts. Should you really be afraid of ghosts in a game? They’re either gonna be monsters or npc, or quest items/goals etc. Or perhaps errors in the program, but knowing the creator I don’t think there’re gonna be errors. Imagine if a missingno popped up, that would be funny.

I think it’s about time I ignored that Kirito said there was no pain otherwise I’ll just be mentioning it again and again. So let’s forget I heard that in the first episode, that way the threats the Army was making to those kids are plausible. As before you can’t die in safe zones and can’t feel pain so there’s nothing you can threaten with, but if you can feel pain then fair enough. Which would be why Asuna was able to fend them off too. Speaking of that fight, I was rather disappointed that it wasn’t prolonged, kinda wanted to see Kirito and Asuna beating up people like they’re suppose to.

Another thing I was disappointed in was not being able to see the actual wedding ceremony, assuming there is one. With a big VR game like this I think there should be, a few clips of the marriage would’ve been just as nice. Then again maybe there is no wedding ceremony, and they can just buy rings and voila, married.

Most interesting thing is of course the girl. No health bar, yet she doesn’t seem part of the game. What else can she be? Perhaps a bug in the programming? A missingno? I don’t believe she’s human that’s for sure, no one can do weird static stuff and knowing this game, it’s going to throw in something interesting. Although the main factor for me is that she has no health bar.

Anyway solidified Kirito and Asuna’s relationship this episode. Even though it’s taken a relaxing turn, this anime’s still able to find something interesting to continue the story, which way will it turn now? The ultimate goal is still to get out so I can’t see this Yui side story, if it is one, to continue for too long. But it would be more interesting if this turned out to be something bigger and more interesting.