I’m gonna start off by saying I am quite tired at the moment. Did my second official 10km race today, don’t know my time yet as they’re slow at telling people. But yeah, I’m rather tired so I’m not going to say much as I can barely stay awake… No matter, here’s an ending of a very old but still ongoing anime. Here is the 27th ending of Detective Conan, I still believe ~Tameiki~ by Yumi Shizukusa.

Don’t know if I’ve said it before but I’m quite a big Conan fan, definitely in my top 10 of all time, but I wouldn’t say it makes it in top 5. Partially because I watch the Mandarin Chinese dub and am over 200 episodes behind and also because it’s mainly standalone episodes with odd series of episodes with real story development. However that’s of course not the reason I watch it. The tricks they use are interesting, even if some are ‘stretchy’ and I’m a big fan of detective cases and mystery.

The song’s a nice slow calming melody. It’s pretty much all I listened to on the way back from my race to relax myself and it’s probably going to be what I listen to going to bed. And so that’s how I wanted this to be SOTW, as I remembered I had SOTW to do on the car journey back so went with what I was listening to.