Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom!

Key Events

Finally using his Psyqualia, Aichi’s sees his victory. But it fails.

Leon predicts his victory with Psyqualia and wins. He questions Aichi’s path which makes him rethink where he wants to go and how to get there. In that he found value in defeat.

The next VF Circuit is slated for Japan.


Oh come on… really…? Another loss, well I did think their chance of losing was very high after Aichi’s failed Psyqualia. Where’s the shounen in all this when all he does is lose? I suppose I’ll give them credit for going against every other card game anime. In that anyone and everyone can just jump in and beat the main character, whilst the main character in other TCG animes almost never lose.

Though perhaps this is their way of getting round the fact that when they do win a circuit the prize is to meet Takuto so in that case Aichi’s ‘journey’ will be over. But it’s not difficult to get around that like Takuto simply not turning up and saying win another or something. Not the best of ways to do it but something similar would suffice. All this losing is irritating to watch, especially after their ‘power-up’.

Well anyway, they’re at home ground for the next VF circuit, maybe another loss, but hopefully with the home crowd cheering them on they’ll pull through this time. Though that said, we’ll probably see AL4 return as it’s their home ground too. And of course they won’t go down easy.

Probably going to be some relaxing in between episodes again, maybe another power-up, and with that they can win the next circuit. Kinda reminds me of Pokemon, i.e. the VF circuits are like the gyms and the in between events are the in between gym travelling episodes. Though that could be said for a lot of other anime.

Moving on then… the duel itself was enjoyable, might try double dueling in real life, and I know I’ll give Aqua Force a go when they’re released. Now I wonder where Leon’s going to go and how his story progresses. Maybe the other clans that disappeared will come back again before the next circuit, like Daigo. I’d love to see a Kagero user and maybe even bring a new archetype. Give me back Kagero! Yeah… wishful thinking…