Q4 vs. Ultra-rare

Key Events:

Next VF circuit is in Japan and all of the previous winners will be competing.

After playing many matches just with Q4 members, Shin recommends Aichi try out other fighters to develop his ability. Aichi remembers some people and asks Misaki and Kamui to follow.

Aichi leads them to Card Shop PSY and challenges Ultra Rare to a team battle.

Aichi plays Kourin’s Angel Feather. During the duel Kourin constantly tries to get Aichi to back out whilst he still can, but he refuses and defeats her with Blond Ezel.

Next up is Kamui against Suiko the episode ends mid way as Suiko shows off the focus of Angel Feathers expertly.


Oh wow a win for Aichi against a good opponent. Am I dreaming? Could this be the start of something good? I really hope so, as Aichi said this is the last chance he has. I didn’t expect this to be the last chance. Wonder if that means the arc is coming to an end and he’ll finally find out what happened to Royals and Kagero? About time though, plot hasn’t really developed much.

Well it does look like the end to the circuits is approaching, gathering all these past winners from circuits. This would be the best time to win and prove he’s gotten better. Well, it’s now or never in any case.

Good to see Angel Feather again, I don’t like them that much, but they have a very strategically and interesting play style.

Anyway, as expected gonna be a few episodes of more relaxing duels, don’t think the plot will develop in any way for a while. But how Q4 clans deal with Angel Feather will be interesting enough for me.

Wonder if this is their in between circuit power up, if it is, it’s pretty bad so far. Aichi hasn’t changed one bit. But oh well, at least he showed some more determination and won this time… I do believe that it’ll be his victory now though, every sign points to it at the Japanese circuit.