Not sure on this, but this might be the first time I’ve put up a game theme. I don’t play many games so I would remember if I put up a game theme before. Reason I’m choosing this as my SOTW is because I got the game 2 weeks ago and am rather enjoying it. I bought two games, Lost Kingdoms, which was for Gamecube, loved the game shame it only lasted me 9 hours, and Rorona, wasn’t that fond of it at first but then grew into it. So yeah, here’s the theme for Atelier Rorona, Falling, The Star Light, sang by Mineko Yamamoto and composed by Ken Nakagawa.

Quite a nice song with a beautiful music box tune in the middle. Quite a catchy tune too that was matched with a simple backing later in the song making it seem like taking a break of sorts after a long journey. Though that said, the song never gets ‘serious’, there were interludes that seems as if the song’s building to a climax, but never reaches it and comes back down to a carefree calm feel. I like the peacefulness of song, in that it kinda reminds me of life a little, no matter what difficult situation you get to, there’s always a solution and you’ll be back to relaxing again soon.