Angels’ Dance

Key Events

Kamui wins against Suiko with Perfect Raizer which makes Suiko change her mind about the way she sees Kamui.

Misaki wins against Rekka to show her how strong she’s become.

As the three leave the shop, 3 cards light up from around the shop and zoom into their cards having been attracted by them.


Well, I’m surprised, they actually won. Definitely good signs for things to come. Although they really didn’t play any different to how they did in any other VF circuit, apart from that they drew the triggers at the time they needed instead of drawing none. Oh well, whatever it takes to win, as long as they have it, even if it is luck.

That said, even if Ultra rare’s opinion of them has increased, I didn’t see any ‘power ups’. However though, they did get new cards at the end, I guess that’s a power up, hopefully enough to get through the circuit. I’m however, as you’d expect, more interested in what new cards these are. Cards for the next pack presumably, wonder what new archetypes could they be? Or perhaps improvements for their current archetypes? I’d love a crossride for Oracles, even if it’s for Coco, dunno if I said before but I dislike the witch archetype.

Well, not starting the tournament next episode it seems. From the preview it looks like the abominable snowman, or whatever he is now, has found a new playmate. I don’t expect Aqua Force guy to lose, so Kyou’s reaction is what I’m looking forward to. He’s got the best deranged faces in this series in my opinion.