Key Events

Kirito is now back home after rehab and gives his sister a kendo match in which he loses. He’s still used to his SAO way of swordplay.

It’s been two months since Kayaba was defeated. Kirito told the government everything to find out where Asuna was. There were still around 300 players including Asuna that haven’t woken up. People believe Kayaba is behind it as he’s missing.

Kirito meets Asuna’s dad again at Asuna’s ward and also meets their lab chief, Sugou Nobuyuki. This guy is to be married to Asuna. But she hates him, neither parents know this. Marriage would be rejected if it was discussed, however she can’t reject him in a coma.

Argus, the people who made SAO, went bankrupt after paying for damages and so the maintaining of the servers was given to Asuna’s father. And Suguo works in that division so in a way, he’s keeping Asuna alive. He tells Kirito that the ceremony will be on Janurary 26th.

We also find out Kirito has an abnormal talent for computing.

Kirito becomes depressed about Asuna’s marriage, but his sister/cousin cheers him up.

In the morning Kirito receives an email from Egil with a picture of someone who looks exactly like Asuna.


Back in the real world, but everything isn’t happily ever after. As you would expect, not everything went according to plan. I did wonder how they were going to continue if everyone was back in real life, but my question was answered, they’re not going to continue in real life.

I don’t think it takes a genius to work out that Asuna’s still trapped in a game. However it doesn’t look like SAO and I don’t think Kayaba would’ve lied about deleting it. In which case I think from the contents of the episode it’s quite obvious that Suguo trapped Asuna into a game of his creation so he can use the fact that she’s in a coma to his advantage. But because trapping Asuna solely in his game would arouse suspicion he trapped a few hundred others too. Next would be for Kirito to rejoin the VRMMORPG world and rescue her.

Though if there’re a few hundred new people trapped in this new game I’m interested in how a picture of Asuna was able to get out, if it is her, which it probably is. I’m hoping this isn’t one of those plot holes I’ve seen too much of already. Explanation I’m thinking of is that the game is actually a commercial game that is created by Asuna’s father’s company, but Sugou’s simply made a special place that’s inaccessible to normal players to put the ones he’s trapped. Although, then again I’d still ask how did they get Asuna’s picture?

The story’s taken the typical arranged marriage villain route, which I didn’t expect in an anime focused on fantasy action. But then again, I also didn’t expect happily ever after. Still, I thought they were going to go for something like Asuna and Kirito going to rescue some others from being trapped after someone evil took control of Kayaba’s network and wanted to finish what he started, sorta thing. Something like that… But hey I’m not complaining. I’m looking forward to when Sugou is ‘destroyed’. These villains always make the best faces, as we already saw this episode.

Not sure I like the brocon, or cousincon, or whatever it is… Not particularly a fan of this, but I don’t expect it to go anywhere. Asuna is still there and of course Kirito won’t give up so easily. He has some leads now as well.

So anyway, heading into a fairy land next. I have to admit, I don’t like the look of it. Was never really fond of elf ears, too unnatural for me.  However this anime has been enjoyable thus far, I’m more than willing to see this through. I trust they’ll keep it action packed and interesting.