Every Night & Fusion

Key Events

Miura learns of Ashirogi Muto’s condition of competing with Eiji. Ashirogi Muto themselves also learns but aren’t surprised. Miura tells Iwase and she calls Takagi telling him to step up.

Mashiro notices that PCP’s art isn’t suited for shounen and corrects it, he also quits school.

PCP’s art change boosts them to 5th place from 9th and gaining on +NATURAL. After one look, Eiji deduces that at this rate it can beat +NATURAL and CROW.

Because of PCP’s new art, it pulls ahead of +NATURAL in the early results for the next chapter. But because of its anime starting up, +NATURAL pulls ahead in the real results.

After PCP’s art change Eiji redoes CROW’s chapter to make it textless and gets more votes.

Chapter 15 of PCP will get cover and colour pages, their best chance to surpass +NATURAL.

Some new competition joins in the fray. Takahama with a courtroom battle manga and Fukuda with a motorbike racing manga.

Later Hattori rushes to tell Ashirogi Muto of new development. Crow is in +NATURAL.


A collaboration of CROW and +NATURAL, an excellent idea if you ask me. There’s been a few crossovers lately that I remember, Phoenix Wrights + Professor Layton, Lupin III + Detective Conan, an old one I remember was Toriko + One Piece. These are always well received as a lot of effort is put into them, especially with two teams working on it and you know they don’t want to screw up, can’t risk the reputation of both series. If done badly, it can go wrong, but both series are drawn by Eiji and Iwase is a genius writer.

Another excellent idea was Eiji’s textless chapter. Bakuman is the first to mention them I believe so when the ones in Naruto about Obito and Fairy Tail about Gildarts came up, I remembered Bakuman. Not sure if their idea was from here. However I don’t think you can have textless chapters for more than one or two chapters. Pictures can’t say everything and it’s more of a gimmick I think. But I don’t deny it was another excellent idea.

There’s some more competition flying around now. Takahama’s new courtroom manga, which without seeing it reminds me of Phoenix Wrights. If it can reach that kind of popularity it will do very well. And then there’s Fukuda’s motorbike one, not a big fan of sports manga, I have liked a few, but I definitely have no interest in motorbikes. This is shounen though, I guess the readers will like it.

Onto the art change by Mashiro. I didn’t know that art can change opinions so much, from my experience most people who read manga scan the pictures and quickly read the text. They go through a book in minutes. I admire the art, especially shoujo art and take a while, but even then unless it’s a huge change in the art I don’t think anyone will notice. It could be on a subconscious level that makes you appreciate it more even if you just scan through the pictures quickly, in which case I wouldn’t know anything as a mere reader of manga. I think a change in art would come much more noticeable in textless chapters, for obvious reasons.

So yeah, a good episode, some excellent ideas and concepts thrown around which I took interest in. Now it’s up to Ashirogi Muto to respond. What new ideas can they come up with? I trust in Takagi to come up with something that’ll pique my interests as he always does.