Since I took over Lucretia’s job for Amagami SS 2nd season; Amagami SS+. I was quite surprised by this producing a second season as I didn’t know how they were able to do it as most of the arcs were completed in the first season. Instead the second season showed what had happened in between, the important bits of the arc before the true ending of the arc. The most disappointing arc was Rihoko’s as it took the entire two seasons just for them to kiss. Sae’s arc was the best one of the second season, but my favourite girl of them all still is Tsukasa.

I took note of this opening theme. I really like the intro into the song, especially the beat. Azusa voice is quite soothing on the ears. This maybe my last SOTW as I really can’t think of anymore songs to go down; my anime viewing list is quite small compared to Raven’s and Lucretia’s, partly because I watch quite an extensive list of non-anime T.V. shows. Although I did pick up Fairy Tail recently and that is quite an anime; makes one “Happy” – Aye!