Gathering of Winners

Key Events:

People from Japan such as Team Handsome, Jurassic Army and Foo Fighter Brilliant Stars are also invited into the Japanese Circuit along with the winners of the three circuits and others.

As Leon’s plane lands, Kyou’s set a trap for him in a house jungle inside some plane hangar. He wants to beat Leon and take his place in the Japanese circuit.

Kyou has now switched to using megacolony which seems to be the perfect counter for an Aqua Force deck but with Psyqualia Leon pulls off a win getting a much needed stand trigger.


So megacolony finally makes a comeback, sort of, haven’t seen them in quite a while. Haven’t been in packs for a long time too, but by this episode I’m thinking that the next pack might include some. I think this was just an excuse to show case megacolony again and hinting at their return. Although that said, no one in the circuit that I know uses megacolony. And from what I just saw I don’t think there were any new cards that Kyou used… Hmmm I dunno, maybe Kyou will return at one point and this was just to tell us he’s using. Or it was to show how good Leon is by beating a clan that is probably the best counter against his.

Keeping on the subject of Kyou, I just remembered that he’s going to use a ‘space’ related clan next time. Well, it’s hinted rather. So forget what I said earlier about him returning and still using megacolony. Perhaps he’ll come back next time and showcase a new Star Gate clan? Only likely nation a new ‘space’ themed clan can come from. Perhaps a sign of things to come? I kinda like Kyou now, he’s becoming a running joke.

I’m surprised that Q4 wasn’t mentioned in the news report about the Japanese Circuit. Sure we know they’re in it but would’ve been interesting to see them on TV. I know it’s a small thing, but I feel that it kinda belittles them as though they’re not even worth mentioning. Minor details I guess.

Tournament next episode then, can’t drag the fillers out for too long, been alright so far, don’t ruin it now.