Episode 1: Tankery, Here it Comes!


err your tank is pink…

The opening scenes are a tank battle. The lead tank plans to act as bait whilst the others provide an ambush. Miho is in high school settling into school life. She meets Hana and Saori, and they become friends.

No Tanks, I am fine

The girls have to choose an elective subject and Miho is approached by the student council to choose Panzerfahren, but she dislikes it. The school meets in the gym where they are informed that they are bringing back Panzerfahren, with a few incentives to school life if they join.

Hana and Saori want to join Panzerfahren except Miho, who wants to distance herself from it by choosing a school without it. Miho is called to the student council who question her decision. However Saori and Hana stand up for her. This support makes her change her mind and joins.

I want a place with a ocean view

The girls that joined Panzerfahren get to work into restoring abandon Tanks left in storage. The episode ends with the fact that the entire city is actually on a floating aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean.


Ok so I am back and I do apologise for not completing the previous season but college work as always had me busy. Anyway this was probably the only anime I was interested in this season, possibly others will appeal to me as the season progresses. Although I had as Lucretia about his anime choice; Bakuman which has been blogged for the previous two seasons and now airing a third season. So I have picked the first season and now halfway through. I am also watching Busou Shinki and Robotics; Notes and also continuing SAO (which I think should be called Alfheim Online (ALO) now). Anyway, I am interested in this anime because I do like anything to do with military warfare.

So far I do feel sorry for Miho as she really wanted to get away from the Panzerfahren since her family has a huge reputation for it. Being around something big and hugely successful like that could have anyone running scared. However being supported by her friends she changes her mind. Also it puzzles me I why they decided to have a pink tank, I mean why!?! There is not much development on tank battles yet, only that Panzerfahren is really popular and that girls want to join it. Although the group that turned up didn’t seem that big. However it was noted that guys like chicks with tanks. It does have a similar likeness to other warfare animes such as Strike Witches and Upotte! And Infinite Stratos, military at its finest, except for IS as it is banned to partake in any military engagement.

Also the other highlight is that it has a huge usage of German words and references. I did learn German so I’ll have no problem here. So I’ll probably continue with this anime and it will probably be the only series this season, with a few OVAs thrown in. I will get my college work balanced right I order for me to continue this, but last week I had a few problems; no electricity. So overall to sum up this anime so far is sehr gut!