Last and Cipher

Key Events

A short flashback of high school days where Iwase would always come 2nd in scores to Takagi.

Collaboration chapter between Crow and +NATURAL took 4th places as PCP took 5th. Even with the colour pages, they couldn’t beat +NATURAL. They still have 6 chapters so they’ll need to think of something else.

Whilst reading through questionnaire results Hattori discovers that PCP has the most 3rd place votes for most interesting manga. 4th place doesn’t count. If PCP can turn all 4th place votes into 3rd place votes then their ranking would have a huge boost. Takagi suggests a 5 chapter series to boost their ranking with a good finish to the story.

His new story is based on PCP’s new rival who’s in their class and his name is Akechi. Akechi and PCP will outsmart each other, but Takagi can’t think of a way to end it. He gets inspiration from a text from Azuki to Mashiro and finishes the arc with a message from PCP to Akechi with secret meanings.

After a meeting with Iwase at the editorial department, Takagi comes up with the idea of making Akechi rivals to PCP to finish off the arc.


A nice interesting twist in the message coding. I think it’s a good ending that will make people think and be appreciative of the thoughts that went into it. Which should be enough to make people’s 4th votes to 3rd. It’s this kind of well thought out plot and secret message that would make me think more of a manga. Ending of the arc was very shounen and should appeal to its readers. Turning an enemy into a friendly rivals is always good, every shounen’s main character has rivals or a rival that will push you further, someone there to race.

I’m surprised they didn’t make more of a deal of the collaboration. Kinda just happened and then went by without much notice apart from the last part of the last episode.

Rather Iwase and Takagi focused this episode. Some back story to their relationship we haven’t seen and some clarification of their current rivalry and friendship. And also I doubt Iwase was being serious about her running around the office…

Might be just me, but not much to say about this episode, only thing that really happened was Takagi deciding to do a 5 chapter arc. Which I’m surprised he hasn’t done before, or did any sort of arc for that matter. I thought that’s how most manga did their stories. If this works, Takagi will probably to do more arc stories. It’s more than likely that it’ll work as I stated earlier, so we’ll see if Iwase was being serious or not… apart from that we’ll have to see how the manga plan to continue to compete with Eiji.

Note: Apologies for a lack of blogs, I went to the MCM London Expo last weekend and returned on Monday. So only just managed to catch up with my missed anime and recover from a tiring weekend. Back to normal now.