Assemble! Japan Stage!

Key Events

The three winners of other circuits aren’t here to compete. They are here to ‘confirm’ the strength of the winner here. Those three and the winner of the Japan stage will participate in the ‘Final Stage’ to determine the strongest team in Asia.

The rules of this one are slightly different again, it’s similar to Singapore as each team members fight separately in different places. But there’s a point system, a win is 1 point and the team with the most points at the end wins the circuit.

Another twist is another team prepared by the sponsors consisting of Tetsu, Jun and Yuri in masks. They are not here to win, but rather to hinder other teams getting points.

Elsewhere in the stadiums Kyou’s found a way in and challenges one of the masked team members, Tetsu, to get his mask.

Q4 wins match after match but Aichi is warned of the mask team. Kyou’s loses but the masked person reveals who he is to him.

The next match for Kamui is strange as a horse carriage carries Nagisa in a wedding dress.

Key Cards Used:

Tachikaze Grade 3: Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex

  • [Limit Break 4][Choose 3 Tachikaze rear guards and retire them] At the beginning of the close step of your grade 3 or greater Tachikaze vanguard’s attack, if the attack did not hit during that battle, you may pay the cost. If you do, ride this card.
  • [Bind this card, from hand] Choose up to one of your Tachikaze, and that unit gets Power +3000 until end of turn.


Nice to see Q4 get a mention in the announcements, although not the best of mentions, but still publicity, not that it matters…

So with the announcement that the good teams won’t actually be competing, Q4’s gotta win now. None of the other teams are good that I can see, apart from the masquerade group, who we all know and the only person that’s really a threat is probably Tetsu. Aichi will probably go up against him. The other two have lost, Tetsu hasn’t, apart from when he and Ren were younger where he lost to Ren but that doesn’t count. That’s if my memory serves me right… He’ll probably play Aichi, but I think playing Kamui would fit better. Then again, both are likely.

I found it funny how they tried to make Kyou kicking a table to Tetsu look dramatic and then it slowly got wheeled on between them. Yu-Gi-Oh got it right with their duel disks for dramaticness, much more dramatic than wheeling a table on screen. Don’t even know where that table came from, seemed to just appear. Guess you can’t carry around a table to suddenly challenge someone in the streets. Wonder if they’ll come up with some sort of system for street duelling without copying the duel disks.

I’d like to direct attention to the new additions to Tachikaze. I think 20 new cards will be released in pack 8, not gonna be here in the UK for a while, but who cares, I’m just happy to know they’re getting reinforcements, it’s about time too.

So, onto my card review which I haven’t done in a while, but since new cards that I’ll use is coming out I thought I’d do one. We have a new grade 3 Tachikaze, which I think in a sense is similar to spectral duke dragon, but a better version into its respective decks. Both retires 3 units to activate their abilities to, in essence, attack a second time, but Tachikaze promote retiring units so it fits better, and Dark Rex doesn’t lose Twin Drive. The only bad thing is it can’t be used unless the vanguard doesn’t hit, but if you think about it, with you on Limit Break that means the opponent’s damage is very high too, so if he blocks he’s probably in a desperate situation and another push to attack may be enough to finish him off. The binding thing I don’t think is a disadvantage as it gives 3k to a unit and also it’s a grade 3 so can’t be used for a guard apart from perfect defence but you have others to discard. Another thing is that it has 10k power rather than Duke’s potential 11k, but I’ve played against a fair few Spectral Duke dragon decks and it might be just me but none of them have ever had an 11k Duke against me. It might be harder to pull off than people think. So yeah, I know I mainly compared it to Spectral Duke but I think I explained why I think it’s a great card anyway.