Composure and a Trap

Key Events

PCP overtakes +NATURAL with their arc and as a result will not be cancelled.

With how things are going PCP is offered a drama CD. Mashiro wants Azuki to do Mai’s voice.

At Jack’s office, the Chief Editor is staring at some proposals for PCP’s anime adaptation.

Takagi creates the perfect crime to be used in the drama CD as he wants it to be perfect.

Shiratori’s drawn a manga of his own and asks Takagi for advice.

A light novel is to follow the drama CD to be written by a well known mystery author.

Hattori tells them it’s unlikely PCP will get an anime because of kids playacting out scenes. They receive complaints from parents who don’t want their kids to imitate crimes. PCP’s selling point is its realism, which becomes a weakness when it comes to the anime.

Mashiro doesn’t worry about it but does want to do a second manga with an anime in mind.

Shiratori’s revised storyboard gets a good response from Hattori but he admits that Takagi helped him. So Hattori asks Takagi to do the story which Mashiro doesn’t want to happen as it’ll interfere with his plans of making two manga, but he can’t say that.


As expected PCP’s shounen ending plot overtook +NATURAL and gained ground on CROW to earn them respect from Sasaki. Which means it looks like Iwase’s bet was a joke. Again though I find that this event seemed to blow over so quickly, I mean the results of their effort showed off but I think they could’ve done something to celebrate. Might be just me though, the show must go on I suppose, can’t stop to relax or you’ll drop again.

I remember this in the manga, the drama CD offer that is, was such a happy event. Optimism was practically oozing out of everyone. Which is why it was quite the impact when Hattori destroyed it. I wonder why Hattori is doing this though. The anime offer was definitely there so obviously to us it’s not just a possibility, it’s practically certainty, so why tell them the opposite and risk breaking their motivation? Seems extremely counterproductive, it’s not even keeping them from being complacent, it’s completely shutting down their hopes. I don’t see a reason to hide the offer, if anything it’ll motivate them more, but I do see that this is too early. However giving hope would get them to constantly improve. I don’t believe that it’s because of all those complaints, PCP’s manga has done nothing but harmless crimes and this is no different to children playing killing games and copying them, if they can be released why can’t a manga be turned into anime? Just have the anime on late night showings if you really need to, and from what I see of the manga and how they’re writing it, it’s only a bit of harmless fun. And as we saw here if you shut down their hopes they’ll want to create something else risking the quality of PCP. So yeah… I don’t understand what’s going on in Hattori’s head. But I still trust that he has a good reason. Unless he doesn’t know about the anime offer…

Ended on quite the cliff-hanger, well we can see that Mashiro’s not gonna allow Takagi to ‘leave’, not for another writer at least. And I don’t think Takagi’s the type to, but he does seem the type to lend a hand, especially when it’s someone like Shiratori. Wonder if there’s a compromise that can be reached. I mean I’m certain he can read Mashiro by now, and it’s his choice to make so I think he’ll stick to who he knows wants another series up for anime.

They’re making some progress now and Azuki’s got a new job, can only get happier from here right?