I’m going to introduce you to one of my favourite BGM songs. This was played in Yozakura Quartet, an anime that I thought was okay, but nothing special. However I really enjoyed this song and still enjoy it to this day. Very rarely can I find a song that I can listen to for years and still enjoy so this is why this is going up. Here is a BGM song from Yozakura Quartet, “Tell Me I’m Alive” by Ivan Kral.

Note: No video with just the song, so had to borrow an AMV.

There’s actually another song in the BGMs by Ivan Kral called “Don’t Have Answers”. I quite liked that one as well, probably as much as this one, but I can only pick one so I thought I’ll go for the one more related to death and mistrust.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this song is written by ‘the’ Ivan Kral? That 60 odd year old Czechoslovakian-born American? If so that’s amazing and I wonder how Yozakura Quartet hired someone like him to write for them, unless he had an interest in anime, which would be better.

Anyway, enjoy the song, got a rather dark feel I think, with a nice mellow tune that makes it pretty enjoyable.