OP:Dream Riser” by ChouCho

ED:Enter Enter Mission!” By Fuchigami Mai, Iguchi Yuka, Kayano Ai, Nakagami Ikumi, Ozaki Mami

Episode 2: Tanks, We Ride Them!


Now where did I park that tank?

After finding only one rusty tank in the hangar, the girls need to find four more before the instructor arrives the next day. The girls are joined by Yukari Akiyama and together they find a 38(t). The others (except the student council) find the other tanks. Later the girls are given their tanks, with Miho’s group getting the Panzer IV. The girls clean their tanks and made them look presentable. Except Anzu and Momo who leave the cleaning work to Yuzuko.

I can make it…

In the evening, the girls go shopping before stop off at Miho’s place and have dinner. The next morning, Miho is late for school. On the way, she helps a very sleepy Mako Reizei to school. The Tank instructor arrives, Ami Chouno and gets the girls to have a mock battle. After an unusual start of driving the tanks, the girls get into position.

Thwarted by a devious…. tree

The battle begins and Saori suggest going after the council, but they are attack by both the Type 89 and the StuG III who have temporary joined forces to attack the Panzer IV. Saori suggest they run for it and making a right turn Miho spots Mako taking a nap in their path.


So they managed to find and locate the other tanks after they had been abandoned. It seems that more effort was put into bring back Panzerfahren as the volleyball club had been disbanded and therefore the club had no alternative but join Panzerfahren. However they seem a determine bunch, even though they want to bring back their club; good luck to them.

Looking at the rest of the teams, we have the bookworm group, who have the M3 Lee Tank. Not much to say about them at the moment as they spent all their time instead of searching for a tank, they were researching on Panzerfahren. The only issue I found confusing was the text message they received in reply to on how to drive the tank; which involved them getting naked or something?

The next group is what I call the eccentrics group who get the StuG III (Sturmgeschütz III). They seem to be getting into the spirit of things and they will probably do well. Finally the Council have get their own tank the 38(t) (Panzerkampfwagen 38(t)) However, they seem lazy to do anything with Panzerfahren, leaving all the work to Yuzuko. That could be their downfall, we’ll see.

Ok, so Miho’s team gets a new member, Yukari Akiyama. She is very enthusiastic, which sometimes makes her look weird amongst the others. Hints from this episode show that Mako will become part of Miho’s team as probably her lateness has got her into trouble and probably has to take Panzerfahren to improve her academic status. So overall, there is a mock battle and it just getting started and I hope we get to see more tank battles in the coming episodes. So exciting!

So the Teams’ Tanks (Correct me if I am wrong):

Miho’s Group: Panzer IV – Panzerkampfwagen IV

Student Council: Panzer 38(t) – Panzerkampfwagen 38(t)

Volleyball Team: Type 89 I-Go – Type 89 medium tank I-Go

Bookworm’s Team: M3 Lee – Medium Tank M3

Eccentric’s Team: StuG III – Sturmgeschütz III