Decisive Battle! Bridal Fight!

Key Events

Nagisa makes up a very cliché romance story about her and Kamui which gets the crowd going. After a bit, the fight gets going.

Kamui wins with a new card

Nagisa doesn’t let Kamui go and assume Kamui’s refusing her because the circuit isn’t over.

With wins from Misaki and Aichi Q4 wins all their matches. But next is the team unknown.

Key Cards Used:

Nova Grappler Grade 3: Infinite Phantom Invader, Death Army Cosmo Lord

  • [Limit Break 4] [Counter Blast (2)] Stand all Nova Grappler rear-guards. If four or more units stand with this effect, this unit gets Critical+1 until end of turn. This skill can only be used once per turn.
    [Choose two of your rear-guards with “Death Army” in their name, and Rest them] This unit gets 5000k power until end of turn.


Well, that was certainly a unique duel. No doubt Kamui was going to win that though, but they blew it out of proportion a bit to stretch the time on it. However we did get to see some new grappler cards, more reinforcements for the old clan. I’ve listed up one of the new cards for review. These cards will come out in the 4th extra booster, a pack dedicated to Nova Grappler containing the Raizer and Death Army archetypes and some old cards. Won’t be out in English for a long long time so don’t hold your breath if you’re an English player.

Looks like Tetsu will be playing Kamui, I did say that Tetsu would be more suited against Kamui, but I’m still surprised they played that match up. Sure they got a history but I still count him as the strongest so you’d expect Aichi to go up. No matter, because this happened I believe Kamui’s match will be the focus of attention if they’re only going to show one match in detail. Probably will show them all though.

Also, I was wondering since they’ve won all their matches so far, even if they lose to Team unknown, they’d still get through right? I don’t remember them mentioning that you had to beat these guys as they’re not in the race to win. Of course they want to win but seems more like a pride thing to win this one rather than a necessity. But as I said, Tetsu looks to be the only hard opponent I think, so should be fine even if they come away with a loss.

Card Review

Moving onto the card review now. First of all, this is quite a nice card. I don’t think I need to say what you can do with the Death Army archetype using this card. 20k power and +1 Crit just the vanguard on its own, and when at limit break your opponent is likely to be high on damage too, so he’d either need perfect defence or use up a lot of his hand. I doubt you can afford to let it through especially with the chance of crits, that’s if Grapplers you face run any. If not, then stands will use more of the opponent’s hand to guard. But that’s not the only way to use it, Street Bouncer is another one you can combo it of course you’d be without the full 10k power, but you’d have gained hand advantage and still get a +1 crit which can be boosted. I don’t play Grapplers so there’re probably other cards you can use to combo with but I don’t know them, however I think you all agree that this card is quite good.