To the World Tree

Key Events

Suguha entered the virtual reality world to see why Kirito loved it so much and was entranced by Alfheim.

The other person usually with Leafa in the game meets Suguha at school, his name is Nagata. He says that the group want to go hunting and wants her to come but she’ll be heading to the world tree with Kirito.

She logs in at the agreed time and also shows him around town. When they’re about to leave, her group leader Sigurd shows up. Kirito provokes him and Leafa decides to leave the territory. This prompts Sigurd to draw his sword but his reputation is at stake so he doesn’t attack someone who can’t fight back as Kirito can’t attack in Slyph territory. He warns them to hide once they’re out.

Recon catches Leafa before she leaves. He wants to follow but there’re a few things he needs to check out beforehand so he’ll stay with Sigurd for now.

Sugou’s harassing Asuna again, but tells her Kirito is alive giving her a boost in morale.

Before entering a long cave between the tree and Slyph territory. Suguha decides to rotate log out and rest for 20 minutes. She gets Kirito’s meal prepared and takes a shower. Then she talks to Yui whilst Kirito logs out. When Kirito returns he senses someone watching them, and a group of hooded figures appear a long distance away having tracked their location.


I’m not surprised Suguha got addicted to virtual reality. Who doesn’t love it, a place free from the shackles of modern society, where you can soar freely into the skies and do whatever you want, defying physics and logic. As we all gathered from SAO, you can’t blame people for becoming obsessed with virtual reality and lose their minds in it.

I find it interesting that Sugou hasn’t noticed Kirito entering the game. As I said a while ago, surely the name Kirito would raise alarms. But now that I think about it, all evil geniuses are complacent. They all think no one would dare mess with them that they got it all figured out… Even so, I still think he’s a little careful, or rather I did, until he failed to hide the code of the cage door from Asuna. That’s when I realised he might be a bit stupid. Either that or he’s the type to give people hope and crush it. The latter would be interesting … In which case my next question is if that code Asuna memorised really is the code. Even if he wanted to crush hope he’d certainly be a bit more careful when his fiancé is involved. Can he really let her escape just to catch her again? Can he afford that chance of her escaping? That’s just asking for trouble. But if this is the way Sugou’s going about things, then I don’t see any problems for Kirito, underestimating your enemies can easily be your down fall.

Apart from that, there’s only the ending seconds that are worth talking about i.e. who the hooded people were. I assumed it was Sigurd and his group as he did look shady, but then realised it wasn’t, as Sigurd had green hair and this guy’s got red hair. So I’m thinking, the laughing coffin is back or a similar organised group of PKers. They certainly resemble laughing coffin with their hoods at least. Won’t have to worry about death as much here so maybe they’ll be more reckless? Then again if you were killing in SAO knowing you’re murdering, I guess you’d be pretty mental to be reckless either way. Also I was wondering if it is the laughing coffin maybe they recognised Kirito by his name.

So, looks like something big is going to start, if not at least Kirito and Leafa are looking to get into some trouble in that mountain cave. If there’s any fun place to pk, then it’s a dim, walled in and hard to escape place like a cave, or a tunnel, or whatever they’re going into, either way it can’t be open space.  Or shouldn’t be…