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Key Events

Mashiro can’t tell Takagi to stop and he reassures Mashiro later that this is all for the good of Ashirogi Muto that he improves his skills and create a work that will become an anime.

Shiratori is in trouble as his parents want him to study art abroad but he wants to draw manga. He later finishes a manuscript in 20 days to submit for Treasure’s competition.

His one shot is so good that it’s going to be published in Jack. Eiji realises that Takagi wrote the story for Rabuta & Peace and declares it to be ‘wrong’.

PCP comes in 4th with Rabuta as 5th which is good enough to push for serialisation. Mashiro and Hattori push for Shiratori and Takagi to do it. Takagi agrees to do story but will pull out if it affects PCP. Mashiro will start to train to draw faster so he can do another manga alone.

Shiratori runs away from home after his family stop him drawing manga. His parents visit the studio at a later date, but they half manage to convince her mum to let him draw.

Mashiro’s learnt a thing or two from Shiratori and he’s able to speed up his drawing.

Hiramaru’s Otters 11 will be cancelled but there’s a thing coming up that invites popular mangaka to draw one shots called ‘Super Leaders Fest’. Yoshida uses this as an excuse to get Hiramaru to continue drawing as Aoki will be in the Leaders Fest.

Others entering the Leaders Fest include Arai and Eiji so Mashiro pushes Hattori to enter Ashirogi Mutou as well.


The Super Leaders Fest came up quick, I thought it was after Shiratori gets his manga up and running. Although that’s probably true since it doesn’t take place for a while, but I don’t remember it being mentioned this early. Shows how bad my memory is… oh well, I remember I liked it, won’t spoil it but I’ll say that it involves my favourite genre of anime.

A Shiratori focused episode, so much so that I completely forgot about their conflict last episode about PCP getting an anime. Barely mentioned at all, although they’ve given up by the looks of it and focusing on improving their speed and skills to manage 2 series at once. Good idea and once Shiratori’s on his feet with his manga Takagi can return with Ashirogi Muto. I mean all Shiratori’s lacking is story writing ability. He definitely has potential, sure he changed it 3 times to be good, but it showed he did alright the first time. I’m sure his editor will be able to do more if not the same  as Takagi, if that’s Hattori then definitely. He’ll be fine alone. With Mashiro it was different as he couldn’t come up with any story and Shiratori can, only needs a bit of help. Takagi will probably teach him a few tricks and then leave him to his own devices.

Why do I remember the whole Shiratori arc being much longer than this though? Might be just me, but his mum gave up a little easier than expected. Didn’t think she’d give in even with that pressure, thought she’d start screaming stuff but no, still had that handkerchief over her mouth and backed out.

So looks like Peace will start and with the Leader Fest coming up, this is the perfect chance of seeing if Mashiro can draw two at the same time.

Note: Just a heads up, I have 3 interview next week, 2 of them were short notice so I need to spend a lot of time on that. As you expect, I’m not gonna be able to blog much, probably not until Friday, I could try for earlier but don’t expect anything.