Challenge from the King

Key Events

Aichi’s opponent takes off his mask to reveal himself as Jun Mutsuki, who no one remembers apart from Taichi. He uses a Dimensional Police deck, but a dark archetype that activate their abilities based on a card’s power.

Misaki recognises Yuri who to her surprise is using an Oracle deck. She apparently originally used Oracles, only changing to Police whilst in Caesar.

Tetsu still uses DIs but Kamui doesn’t recognise him even though he’s extremely irritated by him.

Aichi’s match finishes first with a win for Q4 through a lucky top deck and a lucky trigger.


Of course Aichi was going to win. Jun’s a minor side character at best, no one expects him to do anything. On the other hand, Yuri and Tetsu should provide more of a challenge being less minor characters.

No surprise Kamui’s still clueless who he’s facing, and no surprise Misaki guessed who Yuri was. Funny how Jun expected Aichi to know him from that long ago. I’m not even sure if he mentioned his name to Aichi during that meeting so I don’t know how he expected him to remember who he is.

But the main important thing is the large amount of new cards being used. Jun’s changed to a new DP archetype which looks alright. Lowering opponent’s power can be extremely powerful. If you lower the power of your opponent’s vanguard you won’t need to increase anyone’s power from your front line to attack. Increasing your own power will only help one unit to get through whilst lowering opponent’s power will help all your units get through. And then raising your own power becomes quite a deadly combination.

Yuri’s ‘gone back’ to using Oracles, no doubt promoting the new cards in the Battle Sister archetype coming in Extra Booster 5. I’m sure you all know how I feel about that archetype. Apart from having the first and only LB4 in Oracles so far, that archetype really doesn’t interest me. What does interest me is Misaki’s new cards. I believe she’s promoting the new oracles from pack 9 – Clash of the Knights & Dragons. In which case I’m very much looking forward to the new Amaterasu from there, no doubt another cross ride’s finally appeared.

Nothing new from Tetsu, I’ve reviewed Dark Lord of the Abyss before, but that’s probably a good thing so Kamui won’t be coming across any surprises. Although something tells me that short temper of his may be his downfall. If he’s going to win, he needs to calm down a bit first.

Speaking of new cards, I was expecting Aichi to pull out a new grade 3 when Ezel went to damage zone. They made a big deal out of it giving way perfectly to a new card, but that didn’t happen. However he did use Psyqualia so that was something new. Also, Aichi got out of the stadium quickly at the end.

On a side note, Battle Sisters remind me of Madolche, I think those who play Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard know what I mean.