And so I arrive again with another bout of musical excellence from an older anime series.

Now, newer anime fans usually don’t go back to watch older series. Then there are the classic series that withstand the test of time, which are watched by anime fans as soon as they are introduced to anime – the Neon Genesis Evangelions, Dragon Balls, InuYashas and the like. I’d like to think Trigun is one such series.

If you haven’t even heard of this great series, I suggest you watch or read it. Heard of Cowboy Bebop? Trigun is a similar genre, that of the space-western. Granted, the space-western setting can put people off, but I find that it’s one of those “act before thinking” situations.

Anyway, onto the music. Both the opening and ending are by Tsueno Imahori. The opening “H.T.” was an instrumental, utilising the electric guitar as the pseudo-voice. Whilst it’s pretty badass, this ending got me more. On those cliffhanger endings, when you’re contemplating what could happen next, then -BAM-. Big, bulky bassline.

Anyway. Listen, enjoy, and hopefully convert to Space-Western-ism. Because that’s a thing now.


TV Version


CD Version