Punch and Independence

Key Events

The entries for the Leader Fest so far are Arai, Eiji, Aoki, Hiramaru and Ashirogi. Their deadline will change depending on the order of when their one shot is due. Mashiro want to handle this one himself to see how far he can get.

However Mashiro can’t think of anything to write. But when he thinks about it, he realises the only thing he can write and will write is a love story.

At the New Year party, a suggestion from Fukuda gives enough reason for the chief editor to let Fukuda enter and let the readers vote on who was the best. Also through coincidence they decide to write love stories. So the chief changes the name to Super Leader’s Love Fest.

Mashiro gets some inspiration from Azuki and is able to start his love story.

There is a break up of Ashirogi Mutou as Takagi concentrates on Rabuta and Mashiro is working on the love story alone.

Just when Mashiro needs help, Takagi comes back having trained Shiratori to write alone.

However they only came 4th out of 7 with Aoki winning the Love Fest.


Huh, I find myself without too much to say. This episode was focused on the Leaders Love Fest which happened too quickly and was over before anything really happened. The other thing to note was that Takagi taught Shiratori how to write himself. As expected he was fine overall, just needed some pointers as unlike Mashiro he knows how to get a story going.

So rather disappointed in the Leaders Love Fest. There was quite a bit of build up like changing it to the love fest, getting everyone to enter and Mashiro coming up with a romance story inspired by his own. But then one sheet of paper and a few seconds at the end of the episode ended it. Very anticlimactic, even if they didn’t win I was expecting some comments on the stories or what each of the stories were. I dunno, anything about the competition would’ve been fine, not just the results. Seemed like it meant nothing but I’m sure it meant a lot to Aoki for winning She might be able to get published with her manga.

One tiny thing I wanted to note was that Kimi ni Todoke got a mention. One of my top 5 favourite animes of all time. Surprised it got a mention. Yeah… I think the fact I’m mentioning this shows you how much I have to say for the episode.

Oh well, Ashirogi Muto’s together now, that was the other main thing that happened. After a jittery relationship they’re now back together and have both grown from that very short break-up. Does this mean they’ll walk into new grounds and attempt a second manga soon? Or will something else happen? Only two options for this story to go now, sure something else covers everything but you can’t really predict what can happen. New mangaka joining the ranks? Someone else starting another new manga? Another competition maybe? Either way, starting up a new arc and it’s quite open to what can happen. I like the manoeuvrability they have and look forward to the next arc.