This week I actually bought some manga of one of my favourite series and counted myself very lucky to find them. It was Rozen Maiden and they’ve have been out of print because they’re printed by TokyoPop and for those who don’t know they went out of business last year. I realised that late and have been searching for the best part of half a year before finally coming upon a buyer who was willing to sell them relatively cheaply. After reading through it again I started watching the anime again in what spare time I have left. And so I was once again drawn into Rozen Maiden’s opening theme. So I present to you Kinjirareta Asobi by Ali Project.

I believe this is the first Ali Project I’ve made a review on and I’m rather surprised I haven’t introduced you, those who don’t know her, to Ali Project’s unique, dark, twisted and gothic style of song. Her style is so unique that if you hear any of her songs after hearing her for a while you can recognise it in seconds. Like I recognised Another’s OP was by her instantly, the style is so distinctively hers and it’s so odd but weirdly enjoyable for me to listen to. I don’t think it’s something anyone can listen to but give it a try, I think you’ll either hate it or love it, and I for one love it. So listen and see what you think, I think you’ll at least agree that it’s definitely something that feels a little ‘off’.