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Key Events

PCP reaches its 50th chapter milestone.

Hiramaru will continue to draw manga, for an ulterior motive.

Road Racer GIRI gets an anime.

Ashirgori Muto are invited as guest judges for the next Treasure competition.

Hiramaru sees through Yoshida’s plan to get him to draw more by getting a date with Aoki, so he strikes pre-emptively by getting her to switch off her phone and then taking her out elsewhere. He also bought a new car as he knew his car was bugged.

Yoshida gets Fukuda to help track Hiramaru down who gets Ashirogi Muto involved. They figure out where Hiramaru is and decide to go as they’re worried about him.

Yoshida catches up to them and manage to convince Hiramaru to draw again. Before that, with the support of Fukuda and Ashirogi Muto, he asks Aoki out. To which she replied yes.


Hiramaru focused episode and no development apart from his love life, even then it’s a pretty small development. Seems like so far it’s been a few episode of calming down after the last big arc of getting PCP this far. But for those who don’t know, there’s a big arc coming up now and one of the best in Bakuman, I think most will agree.

This short romantic arc was fun though. Hiramaru’s finally plucked up the courage to ask Aoki out and oppose Yoshida. And also outsmart Yoshida who’s always had Hiramaru under his grasp. He’s getting more daring, but now that he’s going out with Aoki, what will he do? I’m still surprised she agreed, I mean sure you can’t question his determination and willpower, after all that just to have tea with Aoki, but he seems a bit desperate to me. But I guess if she can have fun, it’ll be alright, just keeping it up will be difficult.

I found the whole shouting drama between Hiramaru and Yoshida rather funny. Not what they were shouting about, that was pretty serious and dramatic, but it must be funny for the people watching. They must think someone’s shooting a movie or something and Aoki must be wondering what she got herself into. At least it ended happy and looks like it’ll continue happy. Hiramaru’s unbelievably loyal to her and Aoki did seem to be enjoying herself, although it does get a bit awkward especially when they had their tea together. He needs to improve on his chats otherwise this relationship will get awkward and end badly. Yoshida may need to step in, will he support him or leave him be? I think the former is a good option especially if he wants him to draw.

But anyway, Nanamine arc now, it’s going to be good.

Note: Alright then, I’m going abroad tomorrow as I’ve told you all, for an assessment centre for 2 days. Won’t be back until very late Wednesday so no blogs until Thursday at the very least. I should be able to get one up on the Thursday as I’ll more than likely be bored on the plane so I can write then. See you all later.