The Truth of Alfheim

Key Events

Kirito and Leafa reach Arun, the centre of Alfheim, right under the big tree.

But there’s maintenance for 3 hours so everyone has to log out.

Asuna roams around the tree where she is and discovers the room where Sugou is keeping all the 300 people’s brains from SAO he’s testing on. She finds a control console and tries to log out but is found and captured by two blobs. But she manages to get the card controlling the system before they drag her away.

Suguha goes with Kirito to meet Asuna at the hospital but has her heart broken at how much he loves her.

Kirito in game calms a distressed Leafa and they set off for the tree. After entering the centre of the world Yui senses Asuna’s payer ID above them and Kirito rushes off.


Well, he reached the tree rather quickly, I thought he’d have to fight his way through more things beforehand. I thought salamanders might get in his way, but that said, there are only a few more episodes left so I suppose they should speed it up.

Was wondering about those pink blobs, was that really necessary…? I’m not talking about them having fun with their prey, but rather why are they pink blobs in the first place. Did they choose to look like that? Or is it some sick Sugou joke to have all his employees appear like that in the game? I wouldn’t put it past Sugou but if these ‘scientists’ know exactly that they’re testing on human subjects they must be pretty sick themselves and appearing like that could be a manifestation of their heart. But what I wanted to say was that they made one of the most serious parts of this episode hilarious. Not sure if that was intentional.

From Sugou’s irritation it seems that he had no idea about Asuna’s escape and is bothered by it. That then can only point to he’s an idiot. Who’s stupid enough to leave the control room unattended with the key? He does care that she escaped and didn’t seem complacent enough to relax that she’s escaped. He’s been stupidly careless then. There’s no need either, wonder if he covers up his pin when using credit/debit cards. Looks like he’s about to be more irritated, Asuna’s got the key card, she has to escape the next time. Unless Sugou’s still stupid and not placed guards around her, probably likely knowing his idiocy.

Looks like Leafa’s gonna end up with another broken heart as her in game crush is about to ‘dump’ her. Though she should’ve expected that anyway.

Back with the matter at hand. Kirito’s getting very close to Asuna now and if she manages to escape again they will probably meet up. And Sugou’s not even here so best chance to strike is now when the master’s away. Although I was thinking another way to get at Sugou would be to report him to the proper authorities when and if Kirito finds out that Sugou’s behind the 300 people disappearing from SAO. But that doesn’t seem like him to wait for anyone so most likely he’ll strike himself.

Note: Back now, normal blogging resumes for a while, 2 interviews next week but not going anywhere far so blogging should be normal.