The Truth of the Wind

Key Events:

Leon made a deal with the mysterious force to sacrifice Kagero, Royal and Shadow Paladins and bring Aqua Force back. He’s also obtained power from them as part of the deal.

The force is Void. Takuto changed everyone’s memories so they wouldn’t remember Royals etc so they would become stronger. He returns their memories and trusts them to do the rest.

If the ‘empty’ power of the Void continues to grow it will invade Earth and destroy all life.

Leon separates everyone and Blaster Blade’s soul comes to Aichi to show him to way to Leon. Before that, he meets Chris who’s been taken over by the powers of Psyqualia and decides to fight him to get him back.


And I was wondering how they planned to duel with no tables around. The only thing possible was a table appearing out of the ground but I thought they’d come up with something more ingenious. Guess not… they need to invent the duel disc equivalent on this sometime soon otherwise it’s going to get stupid.

Good to finally get some revelations about the 3 captured clans. Nearly 100 episodes in and we finally know the enemy we’re dealing with, name at least. Seems a pretty standard villain type force, something that wants to destroy the world. Reminds me too much of the Light of Destruction from Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Well, Void’s taken control of Leon, I don’t know what he’s going to gain from making a deal with the very force that took away Aqua Force. Sure they’re released now but they can be easily taken away again and when that happens, then what? You’ll have helped it destroy the world and with no one to stand in its way you’re dead too. Plus if you help it destroy everything what’s there left to rule for the Souryu?

I have to say, Takuto was taken out pretty quickly. You’d think after all this big talk he’d be prepared for something like this and it’s quite interesting revealing Leon as the one behind the second season. So I think I’ll change my opinion on him being ‘taken out’ first. I’m now thinking the complete opposite, that being Leon is going to be the ‘final boss’ that Aichi needs to beat to save everyone, or at least second to last. Don’t know any other pawns that the Void has claimed yet. Maybe on the way there it’ll take control of Ren as he loses himself to darkness like last season. One thing’s clear though, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any losses from Aichi now, finally.

But anyway, Aichi’s rematch against Chris first. He won’t lose, or rather he really shouldn’t and he may have to resort to using Psyqualia. Although seeing as Chris is lost in Psyqualia, using it might not be the best idea to get him out of it. No matter, he can’t lose here so he’ll take care of Chris first and get him out of there.