Grand Quest

Key Events:

Because of the barrier Kirito can’t get any closer to the tree from the sky. Asuna hears Yui’s cries and drops down the card key she got from that control room letting them know she’s there.

Kirito finds out how to access the tree from below, i.e. the way guarded by guardians and even though no one has ever got through it before, he try it alone.

He tries to cut through hundreds of guardians alone but isn’t able to as archer guardians appear and shoots him out of the sky.

Luckily Leafa comes by and grabs his ‘soul’ out and revives him. There they discover who they actually are in real life.


Haha Kirito actually died? Where’s his hax skills now? I honestly thought he’d do a typical shounen thing and somehow manage to kill all those guardians alone. Either that or the ‘cavalry’ would arrive in the form of Sakuya and a large group of Sylphs and Cait Siths. But yeah, neither happened and he had to count on Suguha to rescue him. Although I don’t think the objective is to kill all the guardians, they seem endless so I think he just needs to reach the top, like he tried, meaning that a big enough distraction party with him should be able to get him there.

Speaking of saving him, I wonder why she needed to save him. He would’ve just respawned after 10 minutes wouldn’t he? That’s the only bit of information I’m lacking. What is the penalty of death? Still no clear indication of that yet and I don’t understand why they haven’t mentioned it, plenty of chances to slide it in, like when Eugene was resurrected, or Leafa warning Kirito this episode not to go because of the penalty of death. But no, still in the dark. So again I have some more theories after this desperate attempt at a rescue. It’s quite likely that he’ll have to go back to Spriggan territory and start there losing all equipment and things. Although problem with that theory is that it won’t take long for Kirito to get back to the tree and buy back his equipment seeing he didn’t really have anything. The other theory I have is that he can only be resurrected at the place he died, and of course seeing as he died where he died, he’ll just be stuck in there for who knows how long. Or he’ll respawn inside and I assume he’s unable to escape unless someone else opens the door. Although again, that would go against what happened as Leafa was able to enter and escape. Maybe there’s only a short window of time you can retreat? Okay I admit it, I’m stuck for ideas… anyone else have any theories?

The guardians were indeed difficulty, but I’m sure it’s easier than staying alive when you’re actually dead. I think Kirito might’ve cleared it if he had 2 swords, or maybe a shield, something that can help him block missile attacks because he was pretty much a sitting duck against that many archers. I’m surprised he managed to dodge as many as he did.

Most important thing then, they finally found out who each other was. So, what now? I doubt Kirito will stop his mission, so he may just leave her be and continue on alone. And then at some point get into a bit of trouble and Suguha will find the strength to log back on again and save him. Sounds like a typical way it can pan out.

So anyway, I’m not sure that Kirito will actually attempt it himself again. Sure his heart is in the right place, but his brain’s gotta be there somewhere telling him that it’s suicide to go back. He’s going to need help. He may calm Suguha down first and get her back into the game before attempting again. But I don’t think he has that long to wait considering how bad of a shape Suguha is in and he’s already so close to Asuna.