Luminous Lion

Key Events:

Chris uses Psyqualia to accurately predict the opening turns of his match with Aichi. He also predicts Aichi’s defeat with 3 attacks from Polaris. However that doesn’t come true causing Chris to waver however he still has a handful of guards including a perfect.

Aichi brings out a new key card, a crossride for Gold Paladins, Radiant Lion, Platina Ezel. That was the card that came to him at PSY when he, Kamui and Misaki received new cards. Platina Ezel uses an overpowering new ability, Ultimate Break, only usable at 5 damage, to win the match. With that loss, SIT genius returns to the real world.

Elsewhere in the gateway to Cray, Ren finds Leon and Kai steps up for the challenge of dueling him.

Key Cards Used:

Gold Paladin Grade 3: Radiant Lion, Platina Ezel

  • [Limit Break 5] [Counter Blast (3)] Choose up to five of your Gold Paladin rear-guards, and those units get +5000 until end of turn.
  • If you have a card named “Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel” in your soul, this unit gets +2000 power.
  • Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)


Oh yeah, those 3 cards they got at PSY, can’t believe I forgot about those cards. So that explains the cross ride units. I’m surprised they didn’t have a flashback earlier reminding us of the three cards. I’m sure it’s not just me who’s forgotten about them… right…?

Of course Aichi was going to win against Chris, he wasn’t that important, seems as though he was there just to fill up space. But that’s fine, gotta have one or two there to make up the numbers. Aichi didn’t use Psyqualia in the end, although he may have done just a little bit at one point. But not dependant on it, only ‘lit it up’ once.

Next fight coming up is Kai vs Leon by the looks of it. Who’s gonna win out of this then? Difficult one, I’d like to say Kai, simply because it’s Kai and we haven’t seen him fight in so long. But this is Leon, currently from what I see he seems like the ‘final boss’ in which case I think he’ll win. If he’s beaten here then he’s obviously not the ‘final boss’ but I dunno, he seems like it to me. I’m surprised Ren got to him first as I thought Aichi would be the one to ‘clear Leon out’ and then Ren comes and they go to cray together. But I suppose Ren didn’t have to fight his way through someone and if Leon’s the final boss then he can’t lose to Aichi here. In which case I’m predicting Kai losing and Leon disappearing into Cray saying something like if you wish to challenge me come with me or something to get Aichi to go after him. And he’ll face him in Cray with real monsters and damage and all that stuff.

Anyways, moving onto the card now. Nice to see a new card for a much needed Aichi ‘power up’, a powerful card too. 11k to start, 13k if you have Blond Ezel in soul, a crossride unit, always good. The ‘lord’ ability doesn’t really hinder it, I don’t see what other clan you can mix with Gold Paladins that would be a big improvement so pure Gold Paladins seem the norm anyway. Then we come to its Limit Break 5 ability. That is some overpowered ability. And here I thought Soul Saver was already pretty powerful, 5k power equals a trigger, Soul Saver basically guaranteed 3 triggers in terms of power, this card guarantees 5 triggers. That’s not all that makes it strong, another factor is that it’s an act ability, you can activate it after perfectly setting up the 5 units you want to gain the power. In Soul Saver’s case you can only use it after riding it so your opponent had the chance to clear 2 of yours rearguards last turn. Soul Saver also uses 5 soul which isn’t that easy for Royal Paladins now that Barcgal is banned and Platina Ezel uses 3 counterblast and Limit Break of 5 which is far easier. Still 2 damage left to counterblast with and it’s easier than a megablast yet far more powerful than any megablast I’ve seen. If you’re on 5 then your opponent will also be at 5 or at least close meaning with this huge boost to your units you pretty much have the game in the bag. A 10k boost on both sides of the vanguard meaning your opponent need to use up at least 2 more cards, if they’re 10k, to guard and then Platina Ezel itself to deal with and a twin drive. I think you can see that that’s a lot of power. 5 damage isn’t that difficult. A lot of people survive on 5 damage for a long time or even control it to be 4 or 5 to use limit break. So yeah, overall I think this is a pretty overpowered card. Oh and another thing I was thinking was that if the ability for gaining the 5k powers needed Blond Ezel to be in the soul that’d be better, but it doesn’t meaning you don’t even need to crossride to use its ability, it’s a pretty good standalone substitute grade 3 for Gold Paladins.