Does anyone actually remember s-CRY-ed?

I do. I loved the series. Brilliant, it really was. In my opinion, and from what I can gather from online, it isn’t remembered much, but it really should be. This series had a good story, good characters, a good art style and very good themes. Plus, it was the first anime to introduce me to the Evolving Theme trope, in that as characters came and went, the opening video changed to fit.

‘Drastic my soul’ is the ending to this anime. And also the opening of the final episode. So it kind of is “an” opening. But it isn’t really. It’s by Mikio Sakai, who you may remember did themes for Planetes, if any of you even remember that anime.

…Yeah. I’m kind of rushing this a bit, I apologise. But I am applying for jobs seriously now, so yay for me.


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