Leon Souryu

Key Events

Leon fights Kai and Sharlene and Jillian face Ren and Narumi in a double duel.

Leon explains how he waited for this Souryu child to appear to save them and give a second coming of Aqua Force. But he learnt that Aqua Force were imprisoned by a force and the legend is a lie, that there is no hope for them to set Aqua Force free.

He tried but couldn’t find a way to get Aqua Force back, until one day he was confronted by Void offering to release them. He couldn’t refuse and takes in its power to release his clan.


Seems like this episode was supposed to offer some sympathy towards Leon and for me it’s worked. Can you really blame him to wanting to escape a little island that he was trapped on? Can you really blame him for not wanting to see his friends hurt all the time? Although if it was all for just causes it’d be alright, but he did harbour the intention to rule the world by force so that lost a lot of sympathy from me. But otherwise I think he was doing everything he can to look out for his clan, his friends and wanting to free himself from that tiny island. All perfectly acceptable I think. It’s just unfortunate that it resulted to sacrificing three clans and turning him completely evil. Though the latter may have already happened before, especially if he knew about the sacrifice that was needed to free Aqua Force. Then again, he could have just been desperate and didn’t think about the consequences.

I didn’t expect Sharlene and Jillian to duel, thought they’d stand by and watch with Ren and Narumi. But that’s fine, another duel to fill up the time. I get the feeling they’re trying to stall it out by having duels. The third season was announced so I’m thinking they want to end this season just as they enter Cray and have exploring Cray and fighting void as the third season.

Because of the third season I’m less sure on how Leon’s match will end. I think that Kai will be there to lead the charge into Cray but I still don’t believe Leon will disappear here. So, what I was thinking was that Sharlene and Jillian win sending Ren and Narumi back, however Kai will win too and so will stay. But some force will stop Leon from going back to the real world and instead drag him into Cray i.e. something along the lines of the void will completely take over him once he loses. Meaning that it’s the original main characters leading the charge into Cray.

That’s my prediction on it anyway, hoping for an entertaining duel next episode, that being the double duel and Kai’s duel. And also I’m gonna ignore the complications that comes with unable to leaving an island and living normally on it.